Tales from the street... valet parking horror stories

After last week's Valet Gone Wild video, BD asked for your valet horror stories. He knew they were out there waiting to be told, and he was not disappointed.

These stories represent only the tip of the iceberg, and BD will post more as they come in.

There was one question that was repeated over and over:

Who do you call when you think the valet just screwed you, is parking on your street, is using public right of way without a permit, or is ripping you off?

The answer (in Dallas, at least) is:

Mr. Marcus Currie, Coordinator for Parking Management in the City's Public Works and Transportation; Phone number 214-671-8953, fax 214-670-4965, email marcus.currie@dallascityhall.com

Valets destroyed my business

The valet story has been going on for a long time and they have always been out of control.

I had a business at 2909 Routh Street (1992 -1999) and was slowly forced out of business over the course of several years. Valets were using public parking spaces as their own, controlling the whole street. I estimated they cost me over $150,000 in sales over this time by locking up the street. This figure doesn't include the state sales tax. They should not be allowed to park, unload or load in public right of way - PERIOD.

The valets have put many small people out of business by taking all the parking and guess what? Most of the owners of these companies are middle eastern or some variation. They all have a different mentality than Americans and don't care about other people.

Valet is a for-profit business and they are using public spaces for profit. Some of them pay their people minimum wage and the valet company owners get all the tips. It is big business and all cash.

So yes -- I closed my gallery on Routh Street and after a two-year stop at Southside on Lamar Lofts, I moved away to Los Angeles where I live now. I fucking hate Dallas and the whole Dallas valet crap.

The City should ban all valets and make the fat pigs walk to their cars. I was a cool spot in Dallas and many tourists loved my space, but I couldn't fight the evil valet services.

Maybe they should save a few spaces for older people but make other people walk.

FACT: Valets destroy foot traffic which is the life blood of a neighborhood and small business.

Make all those rich fuckers in their shitty luxury cars walk their fat asses to go stuff their faces.

Starbucks and Gloria's, Lower Greenville

I went to Starbucks at Greenville and Matilda for coffee one evening around 6pm and attempted to park in the parking lot that Starbucks shares with Gloria's Restaurant. As I pulled into a space a valet came over and told me that I had to use their service. I then informed him that this was a shared lot with Starbucks and their patrons are not required to use the service. He responded by saying that wasn't the case.

I parked anyway and told him I was going to Starbucks to verify their position. I returned to the valet and informed him that the Starbucks manager said I could park there without using the valet service. The valet and his fellow valet attendants were not pleased.

I went back to have a coffee, but upon returning to my car found that one of my car tires was completely flat and the valets were laughing. I called the cops, but they couldn't do anything because there were no witnesses. Fortunately the air had simply been let out of the tire and not permanently damaged.

The owner of the valet service, who happens to be related to the owner of Gloria’s, did nothing to resolve the vandalism. The owner of Gloria's, who I've known for fifteen years never, returned my repeated calls. Needless to say, I will not eat at Gloria's ever again unless I get his personal apology.

No need to withhold my name.

Eric Dettmers

Dallas Valet Services

Dallas Valet Services is the worst operator in town. The City of Dallas needs to ban all valet, an action that will generate much goodwill around the world. They can be the first city to ban valet services except for special events.

If it is illegal to drink and drive, then why do bars have parking spaces for cars? How is it they are allowed to drive to a bar and park in their lot or have a valet park a car in their lot or on public right of way, when drinking and driving is illegal????


This is a true story... a couple of years old, but applicable to the current issues

It was a Special Birthday event for my wife. The order of the day was to dine at the popular Lawry's.

It was raining, so we drove up to the front door and let the birthday girl out so as to stay dry. I intended to park my vehicle in the parking lot of the establishment, but was told that only valet parking was permitted. I had been a customer of the establishment for 40 years dating back to Beverly Hills, California.

Because of law enforcement issues, a valet driver taking possession of my vehicle was not in order (however, I could not mention that) -- I was directed to find a place to park down the street (over 100 yards) in the pouring rain, and to walk back to the premises.

All that was accomplished, we had a nice birthday dinner and we left.

I wrote a letter to Lawry's home office in California to complain about the horrible treatment. Results were achieved in that Self Park with plenty of spaces was subsequently mandated regardless of valet service always available.

It is noted, however, that currently, valet attendants place their reserved cones on all the close-in parking spaces and force those who do self-park to do so at some distance away -- regardless of pouring down rain. Some successful business owners realize that The Customer Is King. Others just don't pay attention.

Five things to remember when you valet your vehicle

  • If you provide your vehicle keys to a Valet driver... remember that those key can easily be copied.
  • If your vehicle insurance papers are readily available in your vehicle, your address is readily available. In fact, any paperwork with your address on it informs the valet driver where you live.
  • If you give your vehicle key to a Valet driver, and your house key is attached, Beware. Your house could be burglarized while you eat.
  • If you allow a valet driver in your vehicle and your garage door opener is available, beware, it is a the same as giving them a key to your home.
  • If you have a concealed weapon in the vehicle and the valet driver does not have a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), the valet driver could be guilty of a Class A Misdemeanor if he gains access to the weapon and is stopped by a Peace Officer. And you, the owner could have some explaining to do. CHL holders can not bring a concealed weapon into an establishment which derives greater than 51 percent from alcoholic beverages. For that reason, many weapons are stored in private vehicles around clubs.

Tijuana Grille

At the Tijuana Grille on McKinney at Monticello, there is a small dry cleaner that shares the strip center and the parking lot. There are two meager spaces right in front of the dry cleaners marked Reserved for Cleaners.

On a recent Wednesday night (Ladies Drink Free Night!), the Tijuana Valet was not parking in the cleaner’s spaces, just paralleling cars in front of those spaces while they waited for runners to come and get the cars. I pulled in to pick up my laundry, and finding the cleaner’s spaces blocked, just parked in the middle of the lot, next to the cars blocking the spaces. I told the approaching valet boy where I was going, and started into the laundry. He chased me down to tell me that I would have to leave my keys.

I explained, using several French adjectives that if he would not block the cleaner’s spaces, we would not be having this conversation. The nerve of those guys!

Comments from the loyal - yet ignorant - opposition

And of course, there are those among us who think the problems on Lower Greenville are not caused by the bars and valet services, but instead are created by BD and others in the neighborhood who have the unmitigated chutzpah to say, No, you cannot park in front of my house.

Valets Gone Wild

I was patronizing a bar on lower Greenville as allowed by law and had a valet park my car. I'm fine with the price for the convenience of not having to find a parking space. The time and effort is worth a five spot. But as I was having my car parked a ruckus occurred. What did I see but Mr. Barking Dogs himself taking video of a poor working class guy parking a car in an as of yet unleased condos. Which the owner of the condos had agreed to since they were vacant.

Isn't America a free market Democracy? Can't we all make a buck? Well. not if BD isn't getting his cut. This over officious jerk had the gall to call the media and make a stink about parking in unused spaces prior to the building being leased. That guy owns it and can lease it if he wants. This is America! Not America according to BD.

If you are that miserable, leave. Your property has appreciated - Take the money and run. Oh that’s right who the hell wants a neighbor like you? No one! Many people move to this area because of the neighborhood feel and the walking access to nightlife. Much like many major metropolitan areas has. It's good for local business and taxes and all involved.

If you’re too old get the hell out. Some (most) people love this area for its charm and nightlife. It's the only place in Dallas where you can get that! Sad for the fourth largest media market in the states.

Move to Frisco you old Codger! Leave well enough alone and let Dallas have a neighborhood for the 20-30 Something’s with some income.

I know this will never see the light of day on the internet because you do not have a blog or forum board. Because this is the world according to BD. I challenge you to have the nuts to post this. I know you won’t! Prove me wrong, I double dog dare you!

Your years of bitching are going to end, as are the kickbacks. Getting rich off Greenville the right way.

This comment was posted on YouTube.

BD the parasite has once again slithered his way into your living room....RUN! HIDE!

He will suck your positive energy dry! He does not have a job...he feeds off of you and the hard working people of Lower Greenville Avenue.

He moved to Lower Greenville years ago and has done NOTHING positive for the neighborhood. He is an alien who uses his terrorist strategies to ruin our beautiful city.

Send him a comment that you will not allow his barking anymore! Then RUN....HIDE....he will get you next!

Maybe he could drive a tow truck instead of valet parking?

Hey buddy, are you having a bit of a crazed, power trip going on?

I'm sure that your efforts to strengthen and to better our City were definitely conveyed that night to every member of the community. It must have been emotionally traumatizing to have witnessed such atrocities as an improperly parked car.

And especially when the valets were obviously aware of the change in contract and blatantly defied the law.

I am proud to say that your efforts not only gave freedom to the pavement crying out for its burden to be lifted but, you also succeeded in freeing numerous members of the valet company of their employment.

You have done a great service to Dallas. My brother was rejected in his application into the United States Army because of an eye defect and until yesterday was gainfully employed by the valet company.

However because of your valiant efforts to save the community from improperly parked cars, he now has no income. We are in your debt.

Dallas could not ask for a better citizen. Continue on.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets