Signs, signs, they're stealing the signs...

The battle over parking spaces around Lower Greenville is getting hotter. And it looks like the bad guys are sinking even lower than they ever have to fight back.

First, the valet companies steal parking spaces on private property.

Then, valets take daytime retail business parking lots for valet parking, legal or otherwise, and threaten to tow anyone patronizing that business.

Then, scumbar patrons steal the NO PARKING signs right off the streets.

And finally, the scumbar patrons are threatening to stop Resident Only Parking from ever being implemented.

Oh, the shame of it all!

The battle over the parking spaces at the townhomes on La Vista is not over. On Friday evening, patrons of Good Records decided that the empty driveways were missing something - like their cars. So a number of them parked on the spaces.

BD was coming home from dinner with the Puppettes (not on Lower Greenville, thank you) when he saw the cars. But the show had just ended and patrons were getting the hell out of here. Five more minutes and the tow trucks would have been there to help them leave.

Just what is it about an empty parking space that draws stupid people to trespass on private property like so many bugs to a lightbulb? BD cannot wait till the townhomes are purchased and the new owners drop spike-strips on their driveways.

BD has also been told by regular patrons of Good Records (which has the misfortune to share a parking lot with the Beagle) that these valets do not let them park without charging them for what should be free parking spaces.

The Firestone MasterCare Center and The Beagle made a deal for the use of the Beagle's remote parking lot behind the service center for customer vehicles. In return, the same valet service busted for stealing parking on private property just last week gets the use of the Firestone lot for valet parking on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Someone needs to put the words customer service in the mouths of the valets. BD wanted to leave his truck there last evening so it could get a much-needed oil change in the early morning.

The valets were not happy BD parked there without permission (and put his key in the dropbox) before they could stop him. They told him their instructions were to allow only customer vehicles towed in to be parked.

BD could not get the valet manager on duty to agree not to tow his truck off the parking lot, instead getting just a shrug of the shoulders.

Oh, did we say that BD was carrying a video camera and recording everything??

It took a call to the owner of the valet service to get a commitment to not tow the truck, in return for BD putting down the camera - if only for a few minutes.

A complaint is already on file with the City, asking them to deny MasterCare's request for a secondary use permit on the parking lot. Someone needs to teach these valets that the customer is always right, especially if he's a customer of the business they are scamming for parking spaces.

There are a few extra spaces on the streets, if only for this weekend. It seems scumbar patrons have decided that if they cannot find a parking place, they will create their own. Too bad it means they have to steal the NO PARKING signs on a number of streets in the area. Specifically, the 5600 blocks of Bell, Richmond and Alta. At least ten NO PARKING signs evaporated over the past week. New ones have been ordered and should be installed in a few days.

Update 7.24: The City's sign installation folks confirmed they have replaced the 15 - yes, count 'em 15 - NO PARKING signs on Bell, Alta and Richmond Avenues. Enforcement begins immediately.

BD realizes there are no residents living in the commercial properties along Bell and Alta. But why can't the faux-LGWNA's officers on Richmond take their heads out of their asses long enough to see the signs are missing from right in front of their homes on Richmond???

Finally, BD's email has been filled with threats by scumbar patrons who obviously don't understand the Resident Parking Only ordinance. They think they can protest RPO applications filed on behalf of Lower Greenville residents in order to keep the streets clear for their idiocy.

There are just a few problems with this picture.

Most scumbar patrons are from outside Dallas. If you think it's tough for us residents to get things fixed here, try filing a complaint of any kind from a suburban address.

RPO is a City of Dallas law that lets residents decide who can or cannot park on their street, They are usually extremely tired of seeing their cars or lawns trashed by drunks every weekend. They can decide to bring RPO to their street, and they can decide to remove it. It is nobody else's business.

If you live within the Belmont NA boundaries, we will help you put RPO on your street and pay all the expenses.

For the record, there are 12 RPO zones in Dallas, six near Lower Greenville.

Four more are in process at City Hall and will be active by the end of August. Buh-bye 200 parking spaces.

The best comment was from one native Dallasite who claimed that she and her friends would go to City Hall and fight for the repeal of RPO.

This latest idea to get resident only parking is probably my favorite of all of your ignorant ideas. I and my lower greenville friends will fight you and we will win this one.

You and your neighbors purchased homes in an entertainment district. If you want to live in a quiet neighborhood you should have purchased a home in a quiet neighborhood.

Get a life and think about the outcome of your constant challenges to businesses on Greenville Avenue.

As far as RPO, we can ask City Council to change the code to not allow you and your neighbors to change the streets in an area that existed long before your guys moved in. So, whatever.

BD's answer -

I find this a tough argument. You really think you can stand in front of the City Council (which means waking up before noon) and saying,

Hey, we wanna party and we want the parking places in the neighborhood no matter what the residents say.

I don't think so

But thanks for your email - I sent it to some folks in the neighborhood who were sitting on the fence about signing the RPO petition. Three of them signed up for it this morning.

BD can't wait to see which Council member answers that phone call.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville