It's showdown time for CityVille

The CityVille Zoning hearing has been postponed until late September 2007

Someone tell the scumbar patrons there is plenty of free parking north of Belmont

A few months ago, the faux-Lower Greenville West NA and LGNA ganged up to fight yet another attempt to remove the restrictive zoning requirements imposed on CityVille Lower Greenville by Mad Maxine nearly three years ago.

The change, which would allow a small restaurant to stay open past - heaven forbid - 4pm is opposed for reasons that only these folks know. BD was at the Plan Commission hearing a few months ago and blogged the comments live from City Hall (something they were not happy to read when they got home).

This fight continues to baffle the minds of ordinary folks around Lower Greenville that want to see development - good development, mind you, not more scumbars - on Lower Greenville.

And it's not just CityVille anymore. Thanks to these so-called representative associations, the Carnival property will not be redeveloped into a proposed $37 million dollar mixed use project. The Arcadia folks recently nixed the idea of a mixed use development with 60 residential units. They both knew LGWNA and LGNA would lie, cheat and steal to stop them from doing anything positive, the same way they killed CityVille in 2003.

BD cannot wait to see what they are going to do when Whole Foods moves out of its Lower Greenville location next year.

On a personal note: Whole Foods and Blockbuster are about 50 feet from the Dog Pound. If LGNA thinks they know what is best for the folks on this end of Lower Greenville, someone better buy them a clue and pair of boxing gloves really soon.

It's in LGNA's interest to keep the scumbars on this end of Lower Greenville (where we have more than 60 TABC permits in a quarter square mile area) and away from their end of the street (where they deal with only 25 real restaurants in a strip stretching from Vickery to McCommas).

LGNA is still working desperately behind the scenes to keep the Belmont NA out of the Dallas Homeowners League, helped along by the arm-twisting of LGNA and DHL Secretary Pat Carr and DHL President Jeri Arbuckle. I mean, really folks, it's only been six months since the application was submitted. Don't you think it's time you called the hearing that your own bylaws require, or are you afraid to hear the truth about LGNA's misrepresentation of this area for more than 20 years???

The last thing either group wants is an aggressive neighborhood association on this end of Lower Greenville. LGNA prefers sitting at the table and acting like there is nothing going wrong, while all around them the building is falling apart.

When four streets within Belmont NA go Resident Parking Only by the end of the summer, someone will need to tell the scumbar patrons there is plenty of free parking just a block north of Whole Foods. The residents of Goliad, Palo Pinto and other sleepy little neighborhood streets will surely welcome you with open arms.

Mad Maxine stood in front of the City Council years ago and said she would not mind scumbar patrons parking by her house at Palo Pinto and Skillman. I think we should grant her wish!

Don't fret that these spaces will go away anytime soon - LGNA opposes Resident Parking Only on any street within their neighborhood! And they have no money in their treasury to buy streets like BNA is doing.

LGWNA is a small group of narrow-minded folks who forgot that BD and others put thousands of crimewatch hours on their streets when things were really bad around their homes.

When CityVille became an issue back in 2003, they threw both BD's - Barking Dog and Bill Dickerson - out of their neighborhood. Would someone explain to how five white guys can claim to represent an area that is at least 60% Hispanic and yet cannot see when NO PARKING signs are ripped off their own streets?

LGNA is no better - their new board is the same as the old board and the board before that. They have less than 100 members in the whole neighborhood, and very few of them know how their board is doing everything possible to destroy any development along this end of Lower Greenville.

According to LGNA and LGWNA, we don't want anything cool down here, including ice cream parlors or family restaurants.

This may be our last chance to tell them to piss off. If CityVille loses this hearing, it will be two years before any zoning change can be filed again.

If you want the City Council to pass the CityVille zoning case, you have to tell your council reps (Angela Hunt and Pauline Medrano for Districts 14 and 2 respectively) what you really think. And BD is making that much easier for you.

Click on this page and fill out our online I SUPPORT CITYVILLE form, which will send an email to Hunt and Medrano.

BD is pretty sure Hunt will read and consider the messages, but Medrano's admin Rosa Gallegos will use the DELETE key to trash them (which would qualify as the most work she has done all year).

Click here to send your message to Angela Hunt and Pauline Medrano.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville