St. Martin's Wine Bistro disses the wrong dog

It's no secret that the owner of St. Martin's Wine Bistro is not BD's biggest fan. BD has been busting their chops over their screwy valet parking service using the empty lot across the street on Marquita for so-called overflow parking - for the past ten years.

This is not a new issue: BD has email in his archives citing how Phil Cobb, who originally owned the Rose and St. Martin's, wanted to have the land rezoned for parking lots in 1993. That would also be the last time Lower Greenville NA had a spine and supported the residents in their own neighborhood.

A few years ago, a valet assaulted a neighborhood resident who had the gall to take pictures of their screwy valet service acting, well, screwy.

Things have gotten a little better ever since the San Francisco Rose was bought from St. Martin's Mosun Haderi a few years ago. The new owners told the valets - who are under Mosun's control - to stop parking their customer's vehicles on the empty lot, and to behave themselves when talking to Code Compliance inspectors (seems they have a tendency to lie about how who they work for and where they park cars). They also tell their customers that tipping the valet is unnecessary and severely discouraged.

But some grudges are just hard to give up, as BD found out when he had lunch at San Francisco Rose on Sunday afternoon.

BD and the Doggette celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and the start of the new school year for the Puppettes by enjoying brunch at the San Francisco Rose on Sunday afternoon. BD and Puppette #1 arrived early in the Dog Mobile; the Doggette and two Puppettes arrived shortly afterwards from church.

Lunch was great, by the way - BD gives it four paws up. Especially the Philly Cheesesteak, while sitting on the patio enjoying a cool breeze.

After lunch, BD paid the tab while two of the Puppettes were admiring a real dog outside on the sidewalk. He grabbed the to-go boxes and headed home (for a doggy nap, of course) with the older Puppette in tow.

The Doggette and Puppettes #2 and #3 left about five minutes later. And here's where the fun really begins.

As the Doggette was walking down the sidewalk, she overheard the manager of the Wine Bistro, a tall, lanky and slimy looking guy named John talking to the valet stand attendant.

You be careful of that guy, he said (not sic). The valet attendant looked around and said Who are you talking about?

That guy that just left, he's trouble, John said. You mean the guy in the truck? asked the valet.

Yes, he's that Barking Dog guy and he's a troublemaker.

The rest of the conversation was lost to the noise of two kids laughing hysterically.

BD has a news flash for Mr. Haderi and his very unprofessional management staff - You are now officially on BD's Dog Poop list - in fact, you have replaced Whisky Bar at the top of the pile.

And, chabibi, you ain't seen nothing yet.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville