Whisky Bar's Slaughter proves he's an aggressive and dangerous butthead

Whisky Bar's Jim Slaughter has never denied having a perpetual you-know-what for BD and other neighborhood activists around Lower Greenville.

Ever since Slaughter was busted years ago for not having working toilets or hot water, or having bugs doing the Macarena in the well liquor, there's not a damn thing he hasn't tried in order to intimidate people he flat out just does not like.

He's posted BD's phone number on the front door of the bar, telling folks it's BD's fault people cannot dance in his bar, encouraging them to call and complain - which they did at 4am. And when BD started prosecuting these drunken fools, the calls stopped really fast.

Slaughter has left amazingly long voicemails for BD, decrying him for not respecting hardworking upstanding Americans trying to make a living out here and calling BD an illegal immigrant (Slaughter believes BD is a Jewish wetback just because he lived in Israel nearly thirty years ago).

Last year he told the DMN that his own saintly mother had to convince him not to sue BD in order to shut down this website.

On Sunday evening, Slaughter proved he is an absolutely dangerous - yet stupid - asshole.

Once again, BD sincerely regrets not carrying his pepper spray can every single time he walks out on Lower Greenville.

Slaughter is back on the top of BD's Dog Poop Pile, just hours after St. Martin's Wine Bistro took over that coveted position.

Let's set the scene...

It's Sunday evening just moments past sunset. BD is shooting images of all the bars on the west side of Greenville, taking advantage of some really cool cloud formations as he builds a video library of the buildings and signage.

BD is standing on the sidewalk by the Billiard Bar patio, when Slaughter and one of his street people assistants comes over and start blocking his video camera. In moments, Slaughter begins into his anti-neighborhood, anti-Semitic, anti-BD, anything-he-can-say-to-show-his-lack-of-intelligence rant.

The tape rolls for nearly ten minutes, so all the jumpy motions as the camera and tripod are carried around Slaughter are included. This tape has not been edited.

Slaughter's does everything he can to keep BD off public property, going so far as to declare BD does not have permission to take pictures of his building, accusing him of loitering and blocking the sidewalk, saying BD a lying Jew who ignores religious commandments, and then calling the police to come arrest him.

Slaughter is really mad about a whole bunch of stuff. Examples include Stout being turned into a pizza bar, his valets being busted on the Valets Gone Wild video, Whisky Bar apparently being for sale (per local scuttlebutt), or just having a bad hair day.

If there was ever a poster boy for a business that just needs to go away, this video confirms Slaughter's nomination for Lower Greenville's Scumbar Owner of the Year.

When another neighbor resident comes out to document Slaughter's rage, he walks over confronts her with his usual brand of obscenities and vilifications.

Folks, we are not making this up. This tape is nearly ten minutes long, just under the YouTube limit. Slaughter said he would like seeing this rant posted on YouTube, and we have no problem obliging him.

Some scumbar owners will probably be cheering Slaughter's antics as they watch this tape, but the few who try to run a decent business must be shaking their heads and wondering what kind of reaction will come from the general public. This past weekend's foot traffic on the street was noticably slower than usual, especially for a weekend so close to the end of summer. Add the loss of parking spaces close to Lower Greenville, three armed robberies in the last month, and two businesses closing their doors (Blarney Stone and Lower Greenville Seafood and Jazz) to the mix, and the next thing you know it's Deep Ellum Deja Vu out here.

The tape has not been edited: Every noise, every motion, has been included.

Let's roll that beautiful baked bean footage, shall we???

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Legal issues