Make that 14 Resident Parking Only zones

BD's attitude towards the faux-Lower Greenville West NA is not a secret - he thinks they are a bunch of Luddites, five or six white guys claiming to represent an area that is mostly Hispanic. Thanks to them, CityVille was never allowed to be a real development, and they scared the Arcadia and Carnival folks into not building something really cool.

But rarely - very rarely - they do something right.

Case in point: The newest Resident Only Parking zone on Lower Greenville, #14, has been installed on the 5600 block of Richmond Avenue.

The RPO zone starts right behind the c'store at Greenville and goes down the street to Summit, on the north side of the street. There was already a NO PARKING strip on both sides of the street close to Greenville Avenue.

The parking restrictions are in force from 7pm to 6am, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The south side of the street has been NO PARKING ONE SIDE ONLY for years (not counting when drunk bar patrons pull the signs out of the ground).

This takes away about 50 parking spaces from Lower Greenville bar patrons each evening.

But most importantly, it creates another very quiet oasis of calm and solitude (save for the occasional whizzing noise heard coming from behind Dodie's) in the area.

Last weekend, Resident Parking Only Zone #13 was approved for the 5700 block of La Vista @ Greenville. Another petition for a residential street within the neighborhood on the east side of Greenville Avenue is ready for submission to City Hall, with two more right behind that.

The Belmont Neighborhood Association will pay RPO expenses for any street within its boundaries, provided the residents meet all the requirements of the city's RPO ordinance.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville