And this little piggy squealed into the voicemail...

Political pigs at City Hall won the elections, and it's our own damn fault

A few weeks ago, The Dallas Voice quoted Anna Little Miss Piggy (LMP) Casey, campaign manager for Pauline Medrano, as saying,

I am very proud of my record, Casey said. I always run positive campaigns.

LMP was apparently in a very positive mood on Saturday evening, celebrating the grand theft of the District 2 City Council Runoff by La Familia Medrano.

Anxious to hear Monica Barros-Greene's concession speech less than 30 minutes after the County posted the final results, she called Jose Plata (Monica's campaign coordinator) to ask for it.

Let's listen to the voicemail LMP left for Jose, okay?

This voicemail was left at 9:22 pm on Jose's cellphone - [and if LMP starts blubbering that BD is making this whole thing up, here are the first few digits of her cellphone number - 214-977-]

Jose, you sorry ass loser, isn't your candidate going to call Pauline?

You rat pack of shit. You guys have no class


For the record, as soon as the election results were posted, Monica went back to being a restaurant owner after being a candidate for nearly a year, and was taking care of customers in her restaurant.

Monica tried to call Pauline, but the voicemail box was full all evening (probably due to all the vote harvesters trying to collect their payments for the stolen ballots).

A political pig's gotta do what a political pig's gotta do...

LMP obviously can run a very positive campaign: Positively obscene, positively illegal, positively gay-bashing, and positively disgusting.

Graphic courtesy of the Politically Incorrect Gazette - Agent OinkIt's not surprising to know her clients include John Loza, John Wiley Price, La Patrona Medrano and Domingo Garcia. She also provided support (with lots of plausible deniability - don't look for her name on a campaign report) for Gary Griffith's 2003 city council campaign (anyone remember the missing bags of Roxan Staff's campaign flyers at the US Post Office) and Angela Hunt's 2005 city council campaign. There are countless politicos around who use her, but we don't have the whole list yet.

LMP would not know how to run a positive campaign if her life depended on it. She will manage John Loza's campaign for County Commissioner next year (against incumbent Ken Mayfield). The fact that John does not even live in the same district he wants to represent (earning $100,000+ a year) is no big deal - he did not even live in District 2 while sitting on the Dallas City Council. People like this deserve each other.

Districts 2 and 14 were redrawn just to make sure there is plenty of slop to go around for all the pigs. Political pigs like Anna Casey, Joe May, Mad Maxine Aaronson, John Loza, Veletta Lill and La Familia Medrano make sure their specially-chosen pigs get elected so their friends can eat at the trough we (the lowly taxpayers who just have no idea how hard it is to be a pig like them) fill with our money.

Can someone drop a dime on the IRS and find out if LMP ever declares all her consulting fees as income? She lives way out in Nevada, TX and only comes back to Dallas when there is an election to muck up. What else could she be doing between elections??

It would be a joke for La Patrona Medrano to fire LMP from her campaign now that she has the grand prize, but she won't issue a public censure either. This election radically changed the idea of what is acceptable behavior for our City Council representatives and it's gonna get worse before it gets better.

And you wonder why only 10% of us even bother to vote?

By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Lower Greenville