Dumb, drunk and on camera ... just another Saturday night on Lower Greenville

Since this is Labor Day weekend, the crowds on Lower Greenville were not so overwhelming.

The DPD reports-

Friday was warm with a light manageable crowd. We had few problems and arrested only one for Public Intoxication. There were no loud noise complaints and no serious offenses.

Saturday was warm with a large crowd. We had approximately five minor skirmishes one of those a fight with minor injuries. There was one loud noise complaint ... that resulted in a first warning for the year.

We arrested 15 persons for Public Intoxication. We had no serious offenses reported.

At least five vehicles were ticketed and/or towed off the new Resident Parking Only zones on 5600 Richmond and 5700 La Vista on Saturday evening.

BD was out on the streets early this morning, collecting more video for his Lower Greenville image library. It was an opportunity to capture life on the street, as it was happening, in real time.

Does BD sound Hollywood enough yet?

[Consumer warning: Obscene language, bad attitude, bad hair]

[Editor's update: As of Monday morning, this video has been viewed more than 250 times.

[If you know the names (and ages?) of these fools, BD wants to hear from you - click here to send your information, which will be verified.]

And yet, after shooting this video, BD is left wondering about some very simple, but yet intrinsic, questions regarding Lower Greenville Avenue on a Saturday night -

How come these fools were not counted in the Public Intoxication arrests??

Which bar and what server failed the 'Know when to cut them off' portion of the TABC test?

Do these guys even look old enough to drink?

Next time, that police officer might put your sorry butt in Detox instead of warning you to stop using profanity when he is standing just five feet away from you.

Get used to the camera, guys. It's absolutely legal to roll tape of drunken behavior on the public right of way (as opposed to in the bar where you are drinking). And there are more cameras out there on the streets than you know about.

Get ready for your close-up. And to make sure you recognize the neighborhood residents on the streets, we now have an official t-shirt to wear as we walk around Lower Greenville.

The Dallas Observer's blog - Unfair Park - features this video and comments. Click here to read fascinating commentary against Resident Only Parking written by people who do not even live around Lower Greenville and therefore have no say in the process.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville