Dear Mayor Leppert ...

You have to hand it to Mayor Tom Leppert - When he sticks his foot in a pile of poop, it isn't with just one toe, it's the whole damn boot!

Case in point

Treating City Council rep Angela Hunt like some kind of political leper, just because she opposes the Trinity River Project concept. She also secured more signatures on a petition to put the whole idea on a ballot in November than voted in the election when he ran for Mayor.

So, out of pure spite, he does not appoint Ms. Hunt to any City Council committee chair or vice-chair positions. That makes her the only one of 14 council members not leading a committee (story link).

Ron Kirk pulled that crap on Laura Miller a few years ago, and look what happened to her.

BD posted the Mayor's email addy to his list, asking readers to tell Mr. Leppert that Ms. Hunt should be appointed a committee position so that the residents of Dallas City Council 14 have someone - anyone - at City Hall who can serve them properly.

BD readers were all over this issue in just a few hours. After the jump, we post some of those emails.

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You can read more comments on the Dallas Observer blog, Unfair Park - click here.

I would like you to re-consider your decision in making Angela Hunt as a "non-committee" chair.

The work Angela has done for our city in her 2 terms may not appear from the surface to support your upcoming plans, however I imagine you will see in time that Angela will be your ally.

Actually, I see that to step Angela "back a notch" will give her more of a chance to do grass roots and will better support and suit our districts needs by affecting future plans for our neighborhoods, commercial change, and more carefully implementing the best plans for the Trinity and other upcoming changes to our infrastructure.

Angela knows how to effectively support the real issues and the care of our neighborhood communities. We shall continue to gather in numbers and rally behind both you and Angela to make change for good in our city.

Please make sure that Angela is given the opportunity to best apply her proven talents on the Council.

Angela has been an asset to us by

  • Supporting a fairly implemented community budget
  • Improving on parking ordinances and police response time on Greenville Avenue and Cedar Springs
  • Improving on quicker and easier and effective processing of code enforcement policies
  • Helped to keep schools separ ate from commercial developments like liquor stores and XRated Video stores
  • Continued fundraising and capital growth in all sectors

Thank you for your leadership, and I look forward to effective progress in 2008.

It looks like even as adults we never grow up. I remember back in the 7th grade as a Mary Immaculate Mustang at one of our school dances when I was turned down by a girl that I wanted to dance with. I can't believe I had worked up the courage to ask this girl who had to be at least 1-foot taller than me to dance. I was stuck with one of the lesser girls to dance with that night while one of the guys in the "in crowd" got to dance with the new girl at school. Never mind that I was a better dancer, I didn't fit in.

I don't tell that story often as it is a distant memory, but I wish I had passed this wisdom to your office before I read today's news. I do not want to believe that 7th grade politics exists in local politics. Oh wait, it looks like it does. Some of the older kids used to do this back in the day. If it is okay for Ron Kirk to do it, I guess it is going to be okay for the new mayor to do it too.

I am so glad Dave Neumann has asked Ms. Hunt into committee meetings. I was asked to the dances, but never got to show my moves. I ask you this Mr. Leppert, did Angela Hunt want to dance, or did she decide not to show up at the party?

It is my understanding Ms. Hunt has been left out of committee leadership.

She represents a group of people. And they equally need to have their voices heard. Please give her a committee chair.

And if you really wanted equal voices heard you would let her lead the Trinity River Project. She is best informed on the issue. I have talked to many people about this issue on both sides. And she was the one who actually knew the facts. In addition, she could back up what she said with actual documents, etc.

Ms Hunt is an informed council member. She needs to head up the committee in which she is most knowledgeable. And that is the Trinity River Project committee.

The Lower Greenville neighborhood generates revenue and acts as an assembly point for up to 10, 000 suburbanites a week to experience our city. Considering our experience with the challenging issues that face a neighborhood which also acts as an entertainment district, we feel our voices could add significant value through our representative, Angela Hunt.

I therefore encourage her appointment to a committee assignment so, through her, the voices of our experience can be heard as we continue to support our city’s development.

I suppose it’s occurred to you that by excluding Ms Hunt from leadership roles in the city’s committees, you have forced her to continue pursuing her objectives outside the constraints of “normal” city hall business.

Judging from her success thus far, I am surprised that you would free her time in this way; I had understood that the two of you stood on opposing sides on several important issues.

Perhaps you have a hidden agenda, though—good work!

I thought it was going to be different; I really did!

After Ron and then Laura ... I truly thought you just might have what it takes to rise above the junk of years gone by. I voted for you. I encouraged friends in my neighborhood to vote for you. My wife and I faithfully trudged into Vickery Towers (nursing manor) early in the morning to vote ... for YOU!

In spite of all that I had heard about you from your opposition (millions of dollars in penalties, etc.) ... in spite of the reports that came from your previous state of residence ... I took a chance, hoping things would be different.

Oh well ... it's just Dallas. Same old crap ... different shoveler ... and you're no better than the rest.

What am I referring to? I'm glad you asked. After achieving the pinnacle for yourself, you just had to 'dirty' on Ms. Hunt. You just couldn't resist it, could you? It's the old Ron Kirk "I'll show you who's boss in this town!" Cut her off at the knees ... humble her ... make her pay!

What a piece of work you are. And I can't believe I voted for you.

I'm going to tell you what your own mother ought to be saying ...

"Shame on you ... you little man."

Based on what I have seen, it's just a matter of time before you get your comeuppance.

One last thing ... I will do my very best to use what little influence I have to see that you don't get a second term.

A Dallas Resident for 15 years (and I really can't figure out why...)

It appears that you are trying to make City Council a rubber stamp for your Gestapo Regime.

The voters of District 14 demand that our city council person, who has served us with great dedication, be elevated to a position commensurate with her abilities.

Oh, wait, that's it!! She's threatening you with her ability to rally the 90,000 citizens of Dallas to a cause, and hopefully, the next cause will be when she runs for Mayor.

It's time we had a mayor who represents the voters and not just the White Citizens Council!!!

I voted for you because you were the best choice in a weak field of candidates.

Now I am wishing that I had voted someone else. By contemptuously disenfranchising part of East Dallas and a large group of citizens asked to fund the Trinity River project, you are not helping Dallas.

You need to remember the citizens are not your employees, but your employers.

I expected better of you, but I probably shouldn't have.

Angela Hunt is going to be the next mayor of Dallas and she'll be a standout.

It is childish, spiteful and short-sighted politically to try to punish her for putting the citizens of Dallas before your own special interests.

I hope you will reconsider this poorly reasoned decision.

The obvious exclusion of Angela Hunt from service as a committee chair or vice-chair position puts the citizens in Dallas City Council 14 in an unfair position.

Ms. Hunt was elected because she took the time to go house to house meeting the families in district 14.

She furthered our concerns, and concerns of many Dallasites, when she backed OUR wish to have the Trinity River Project re-evaluated.

I believe your stand will just cause more scrutiny of you as our mayor and your political agenda. I thought your goal was to unify Dallas. Please treat all council members fairly.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Dallas City Hall