Lower Greenville's best kept secret: Free parking

Updated 1/9/08 - Fear of scumbar patrons in LGNA-land drives call for business boycott - click here

Ever since neighborhood associations on Lower Greenville starting buying streets under the City's Resident Only Parking program, the two hottest questions heard from scumbar patrons have been...

What do you mean, they towed my friggin' car??


Where the hell am I supposed to park now?

Ever the one to provide a forum for important information about our wonderful neighborhood, BD has prepared a list of streets and a very easy to read map of free parking just a few steps away from Greenville Avenue.

There were certain requirements, which made the selection even more difficult. But we think these six blocks will provide plenty of parking spaces close to the bars and still be safe for your Hummer3 for years to come.

The streets we selected have more good things going for them - safety, seclusion, number of spaces - than any street south of Belmont Avenue (Whole Foods/Blockbuster) ...

  • Secluded and private - No nosy neighbors taking your picture as you piss on your tires from all the beer you drank while driving to Lower Greenville or after you leave the bars.
  • Quiet - If it's out of range of the bar noise, that's a plus.
  • Close-in - No further a walk to the bars or restaurants than so-called free bar parking, expensive valet parking, or any street within the BelmontNA area.
  • No crime - These streets have a lower crime rate than any street within the BelmontNA.
  • Straight line walking - Follow the traffic lights, no weird turns. Very easy for the people from Plano, Denton and Richardson who come down to Lower Greenville expecting free parking no matter whom they have to wake up. We look forward to returning the favor one day.
  • Lots of space - There are nearly 300 parking spaces just waiting for you and dozens of your close friends. Most residents park their cars on their driveways or in secure garages. If they don't, it probably won't bother them if you piss on their car tires instead of your own.
  • Wide open spaces - Unlike the streets south of Belmont, which were developed years before the streets north, these streets are nearly 30 feet wide. More than enough room for you to sit in the middle of the street blowing smoke out your window and house-shaking noise out your trunk, politely waiting for another patron to finish pissing on his tires before vacating his parking spot.
  • No restrictions - The Lower Greenville NA, which represents these streets, opposes Resident Only Parking, so you are assured of a long-term commitment to your parking requirements.
  • Welcoming attitude - The attorney for LGNA told the City Council she welcomed bar patrons parking in front of her home. Sadly, her home is near the corner of Palo Pinto and Skillman, which is about two blocks too far for bar patrons walking in a drunken path to their cars. But be sure to honk your horn as you drive past her home at 2:30am.

And the best streets just off Lower Greenville to park your car while getting drunk in a bar are ...

  • 5700 and 5800 Velasco [Bonus for being within walking distance of real restaurants like Blue Goose, Terelli's, Hurricane Grille and The Grape on Middle Greenville]
  • 5700 and 5800 Palo Pinto
  • 5700 and 5800 Goliad

Click on the graphic so you can print the map. Put it in your glove compartment and refer to it every time you visit Lower Greenville.

Note to the residents on Velasco, Goliad and Palo Pinto: Your neighborhood association - Lower Greenville NA - opposes the implementation of Resident Parking Only on any street within its borders. As more streets in the BelmontNA area go RPO, bar patron parking will inevitably move north to your streets.

The next time you see an LGNA officer, ask them just one question - Why do they oppose RPO?


By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville