TABC - "Taking Action to Block Cameras"?

Update 10.9 - The TABC has started an investigation into why TABC Agents interfered with the recording of police action taken in a public place. According to an email from Robert Meissner, from the TABC's Office of Professional Responsibility (formerly known as the Internal Affairs Unit)... administrative inquiry has been initiated into your allegations of unprofessional conduct on the part of the agency personnel involved.  You will receive written correspondence by mail documenting the agency's receipt of your information, along with documents to file a formal complaint against the officers involved. Upon conclusion of this investigation, a disposition letter will be sent to you citing the outcome of this investigation.

BD likes to celebrate Texas - OU Weekend like he celebrates St. Patrick's Day on Lower Greenville - far, far away.

But our dinner date ended early, so we wandered down the street to see how things were shaking. We were not expecting anything unusual and BD was not carrying the video camera.

Too damn bad, too. He walked right into a mass arrest of six persons in a truck who hit a small vehicle and then tried to get away. We guess they never saw the dozens of cops standing about 30 feet away on the corner.

Here's video shot just as the officers got up to the truck and told everyone to put their hands up where they could be seen. One passenger apparently thought he was supposed to keep his lips moving and was removed from the truck for a better explanation.

[Technical note]

[These images were recorded on BD's cellphone and cannot be edited.]


One of the arrested persons was a female passenger, and we don't know why she was taken into custody. This clip shows her being cuffed while standing in front of the truck (her purse had been checked by DPD prior to the cuffing).


Followed the action from the truck to a squad car, shooting video of the female in cuffs.

At this moment, a TABC officer starting waving her flashlight at BD, telling him to stop shooting. You can hear BD's reply on the tape.

When BD later asked the officer why she was waving the flashlight at him, she replied the arrested female was embarrassed to be in custody and did not want her image recorded.

BD politely tried to explain that this femme arrestee was in the public right of way, and therefore had no choice in the matter. The TABC officer in charge told BD he could take the issue up with his chief later.

This was not the only action involving TABC officers that BD shot this evening. And again, the officers waved their flashlights at BD in an effort to prevent any recording from being made. This clip was shot using BD's regular digital camera just minutes before last call. Note how two different officers shine their flashlights (badly, we might add) at BD's camera.


A complaint about this activity has been filed with the local TABC field office and others. These officers may be camera-shy, but they need to come to grips with their issues and leave them at the Stemmons Freeway field office before coming out on Lower Greenville. We appreciate what these officers do every weekend, but it's all out in the public for anyone to see - and videotape.

If they need an example of what to say in the memo, maybe they can ask the Dallas Fire/Rescue folks for help - see Dallas Fire-Rescue apologizes for not allowing photos of wall-crasher.

DPD Report for Lower Greenville @ TX/OU Weekend

Another Texas/OU weekend has come and gone. Friday and Saturday saw two entirely different crowds.

Friday's crowd was large and semi-cooperative. We experienced an extremely high volume of vehicular traffic/ cruising. It became necessary at 2AM, to divert traffic, off Greenville, northbound at Lewis and southbound at Bell. This was done for public safety, as the crowds leaving the bars, spilled into the street.

There was only one small fight, which was quickly quelled by the men and women in Blue. There was a lot of jabbering back and forth, which is expected on TX/OU weekend, however a strong show of force, kept things in check.

There was one noise complaint at The Public House. TABC issued a warning to The Whiskey Bar for allowing patrons to leave with alcohol.

Nine folks were arrested for public intoxication, one for a probation violation, and one was charged with escape from the patrol wagon.

Saturday night started out slow, yet at around 11PM., the crowd quickly swelled.

This crowd was uncooperative, and the cruising caused a hazard to public safety and officer safety as well. Again I had the northbound traffic cut at Lewis and southbound at Bell. This reduced the cruising and made the traffic flow manageable.

I know not everyone was happy with this, but it was necessary and the tactic worked.

There were no noise complaints, thank you very much. We had ten different fights, which your Police force dealt with well. I was proud of them!

Nineteen folks found temporary accommodations at The Central Detention Center for public intoxication.

We made one DWI arrest, following an accident. TABC officers were out in force and lent a hand with the crowds.

The good news: There are only 363 shopping days left until the next Texas/OU weekend.

[BD Note - There are about 175 days until St. Patrick's Day 2008.]

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues