Come out from behind that monitor and fight dirty

Now that the election is over, you would think that everyone is kissing and making up with each other.

Hey, this is Dallas, remember??

Now BD is getting into the fray in a very public way, following a shot over his bow at DMagazine's FrontBurner blog, from DallasArena's Sharon Boyd.

After BD saw how they were holding a fundraiser to cover their expenses (why can't Wick Allison pay for it??), he promptly did two things: Coughed up $28 for the book and raffle ticket, and posted a page asking for readers to cover expenses on this site.

For six years, BD has been paying the freight and has no problem publicly asking for support. Lot's of our neighbors have quietly helped in small ways prior - paying for a City of Dallas DPD database here, a domain name there, you get the idea.

But now that we can look forward to eight years of La Patrona and NSA Hunt sitting at City Hall ignoring our neighborhoods (in ways you can only imagine), many people think this site is going to be really important.

The day after the election, BD had about 200 visitors - Googling or Yahooing - looking for information about NSA Hunt and La Patrona. Maybe it was a little late to change your vote, but all of a sudden people wanted to know who these clowns - excuse me, City Council Clowns - were. And BD had the information they wanted.

So after taking my money, the folks at FrontBurner posted this comment:


A hearty FrontBurnervian passes along Avi's site, which has taken a bit of inspiration from us.

Remember: FrontBurner first, BarkingDogs second.

Not long afterwards, Sharon Boyd (DallasArena) put in her two cents in, and FrontBurner posted -


Our blogging compadre Avi Adelman points out:

But I did give you $28 for the inspiration.

Indeed he did--and we are grateful.

On the flip side, another denizen of the blogosphere writes:

Anyone who runs a web site has costs. What's new about Avi panhandling or whining about money problems or needing a job? Some of us live in the real world and have real jobs, so we can afford our projects w/o begging for reimbursements or handouts.

Fine, we all know it's a hard world. But c'mon, I like to think of those "handouts" as "reader bonuses."

FrontBurner apparently had no idea what was behind her comments.

Now I get first shot and a chance to unload a lot of pent-up anger over what happened in the last round of Dallas City Council elections.

Like we used to say in Philadelphia, Sharon, it's time to put up or shut up.

She cut off his what?

The nasty stuff started about eight months ago, when Sharon Boyd found out BD was supporting - and yes, eventually getting hired by - Monica Barros-Greene's City Council campaign. We won't post the note here - too tacky even by BD's standards. But the same concepts were later posted on her site - just without the reference to radical surgical practices.

Sharon supported La Patrona Medrano against Monica Barros-Greene because she could not stand the thought of a transgendered person sitting on the Dallas City Council. That made her Republican conservative head spin too many times off its base. She supported anyone whoever ran against a Medrano in the past, but fell into their laps all aflutter this election.

These people deserve each other.

The runoff election was stolen by La Familia Medrano and we all know it. Their vote harvesters worked overtime to harass senior citizens into voting for La Patrona, and if they didn't, well, we are still looking for those ballots, aren't we?

Now the GLBT community has only one spokesperson for them on the Council - Ed Oakley - and you can bet that their achievements to date are gonna be dwindling down really soon.

It ain't easy being a dog?

BD will admit to being the photographer at Sharon's wedding a few months ago. On that same night BD taught Mitchell Rasansky everything he knows about digital cameras. He had a great time talking to Steve Wolens in the bathroom (though Steve forgot everything he was told about the domain names I was managing for him).

Unlike Sharon, I stay true to my convictions. You did not see me having a kiss and make up lunch with Laura after the StrongArm Mayor election. I am not managing Steve Wolens or Laura's domain names anymore either. Laura said she wants me to update her website, but I am not going there.

I was not paid handsomely by Monica's campaign, as Sharon claimed. Look at the campaign reports under DALLAS CREATIVE, there are no secrets. Getting $1,500 a month for consulting, designing, database services, and print brokering is being paid ugly.

But unlike other graphic designers in the political campaign business, my client got the invoices from the printer directly and without a mark-up. That's why we were able to put out lots of print pieces and mailers (full of truthful commentary and bilingual) against four or five Medrano flyers full of crap and no substance (like the candidate). I do the same thing for most of my clients.

Unlike Medrano's manager, I did not leave a obscenity-laced voicemail demanding a concession speech.

Sharon conveniently forgets I worked on her city council campaign two years ago - got paid about $1,500 total for production services, if I remember correctly.

Sharon even got mad at me for supporting Martin Frost over Pete Sessions, John Kerry over George Bush, and took my link off her website (it's gone again). But after Sessions railroaded Roxan Staff in her Council race, why would I support him?

Sharon loved Roxan and hated what Sessions did to her too, but she apparently had short-term memory issues about 18 months later. Whatever.

The Sessions and Medrano campaigns proved the same point -

Political parties in Dallas eat their young when it comes to those who are not following the party line.

I am a Democrat, but unlike Sharon I put the person first and not the party.

The Dallas Democratic leaders many of us thought were deserving of respect - Harryette Eberhardt, Ken Molberg, for example - proved to be just a bunch of political pigs like La Patrona and her gang.

Do you really think that Dallas' GLBT community did not support Monica?? Truth be told, the community did, but the GLBT political action groups were railroaded by these same political pigs trying to keep their trough filled for eight more years.

Keep the rocks in your own garden

I lost my job after 9-11 impacted my last real gig (running a small print shop). I have survived on freelancing - not handouts, as she calls them - for nearly three years. I consult on print, web site and business issues for a few local businesses, but I am not making anywhere near the money that some professionals [read: downtown offices] in the same field do for giving the same advice.

I won't reveal my client list here - cuz it ain't your business - but I vent my clients for neighborhood and political correctness.

And you want to know something?? Sometimes the neighborhood leaders are right, and sometimes they are wrong. And one zoning case before the City Council right now has a bunch of racists (who supported NSA Hunt's candidacy) on the verge of winning a major battle.

If Sharon thinks I have been getting handouts from anyone, let's see her put up the documents or shut up. That kind of statement is so disgusting as to require lawyers to battle out a settlement.

Let's see her raise three kids and send them to Montesorri schools (not sending my kids to DISD, thank you) and still make ends meet on a variable income.

When I became a netactivist in 1999, no one told me that I should have had a million bucks in the bank first. I know that my political activism is not making easy to get a real gig, especially when someone uses Google for a background check.

But would I really want to work for someone like that? I doubt it.

If you have problems with what BD writes (and this is my website, remember?), why are you even reading this sentence so far down at the end of the article??

And if I get one more email from Sharon saying the new site is too complicated for her to figure out and I should go back to the old style...

This website is not going to die if you don't send a few bucks, and somehow I will manage to muddle along on freelance work (I hope). The stuff I want to do will get done, just not as fast. The bills get paid, but we don't do many trips to the restaurants.

But don't think for one minute that all the netactivists actually agree with each other all the time. We argue privately among ourselves, and even decide who is best to look at different issues. But we all have our own axes - opinions - to grind. Just make sure you know all the facts and background before you decide who to believe.

Sharon's a neat person and has done a lot for Dallas way before was ever created. But BD thinks she's gone over the edge with her comments and he has no intention of taking her crap - privately or publicly - anymore.

There, I feel so much better now.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall