Dallas Police Department / General Orders and Code of Conduct 421.07

421.07 - Off-Duty Police employment at businesses where alcoholic beverages are dispensed or sold (made part of the General Orders and included in Special Orders December 15, 1994)

A. Officers providing off-duty police service in the employ of a business whose principal specialty is the dispensing or sale of alcoholic beverages for either on or off-premises consumption will be restricted to:

1. Working the business' parking lot; or

2. Performing traffic control for the location.

B. An alcohol dispensing business parking lot is the area utilized for the parking of vehicles for persons patronizing an alcohol dispensing business. These lots are usually adjacent to the business' physical structure and must be leased or owned by the business.

C. Duties, Responsibilities and Enforcement Action

1. Officers will not work an off-duty police service job at a business where alcoholic beverages are dispensed or sold if the business establishment is in the officer's assigned sector.

2. No less than two officers will work at each approved location.

3. Officers may not stand at or near the entrance to the establishment (including any location where it gives the appearance that the officers are working the door) unless immediate police action is required. Officers should devote their attention to the security of the parking lot area.

4. Officers may enter the establishment only if immediate police action is required. After which, they will return to the parking lot.

5. Officers may not enter the establishment to eat or take breaks.

6. Officers may enter the establishment to notify the employer that they have reported for duty or ended their duty.

7. Alcohol related violations will be strictly enforced and intoxicated individuals will be prevented from driving.

8. Officers will not enforce house rules and will function only in a police capacity.

9. Officers will adhere to uniform regulations delineated in General Orders 800.00. Any exceptions to this policy, especially not wearing a name tag, require the permission of the employee's Division Commander.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues