DHL sets rules of engagement for BelmontNA membership hearing

When BelmontNA applied for membership in the Dallas Homeowners League nearly nine months ago, everyone knew Lower Greenville NA would protest their application due to overlapping boundaries, general dislike of stated goals (like Resident Parking Only), and disagreement with choices of bath soap.

It was no surprise that BelmontNA did not hear from the DHL until August, when they were invited to participate in the Boot Camp for neighborhood leaders. Since then, it's been absolute silence again.

So it comes as a really big surprise to find a letter from the DHL Board, finally calling for a hearing and outlining the process.

The BelmontNA board will meet shortly to discuss the process and plan a strategy for the hearing (all one hour of it).

All correspondence between the DHL, BelmontNA and LGNA will be posted on the BelmontNA website - click here

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Legal issues