Cityville rezoning goes down in flames...

The Dallas City Council unanimously voted to deny the rezoning request for the retail portion of Lower Greenville CityVille.

The zoning change, which had been winding its way through City Hall for nearly a year, would have allowed a business to operate after 4pm in a space that is now less than 1,500 sf.

Since late last year, Keller Williams and a title insurance company have occupied nearly 13,500 sf in the development. The zoning case does not impact their operations.

The defeat means Greenway Investments cannot file another rezoning request for at least two years.

Sources tell BD the rezoning request fell on deaf ears for a two key reasons: The faux-Lower Greenville West NA (made up of four or five residents, none of whom have the same skin-color as the majority of the residents in the area) having their back covered by the Lower Greenville NA and the failure of Greenway to mount a strong effort within the neighborhood to garner support.

This defeat means there are no new redevelopment projects in the Lower Greenville area on the books. The proposed mixed retail-residential developments on both the Carnival and Arcadia sites were nipped in the bud, again thanks to the faux-Lower Greenville West NA and Lower Greenville NA's efforts to keep the scumbars on the southern end of Lower Greenville while the good stuff moves north.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall