Zoning changes filed for Carnival site

Andres Real Estate has filed a zoning request for the old Carnival location on Henderson Avenue. The proposal is for a mixed-development with 250 residential units and nearly 30,000 sf of retail / restaurant space (click here for the Conceptual Site Plan). There is no formal name for the proposed development.

The site has sat empty and undeveloped for more than a year while Andres Real Estate put together a package that would appease the Lower Greenville NA and its chief lackey, the faux-Lower Greenville West NA (aka Four White Guys and a Few Gals). They have opposed any changes in the land use or residential components anywhere within the Lower Greenville area (for example, the CityVille development).

According to the filing,

The request would create a new SubDistrict 5A within the exiting Henderson Special Purpose Development District which would allow the same uses as currently allowed, but would modify the development standards for the property.

The site currently can be developed with a retail/residential use with a maximum FAR of .75:1, along with a residential use with a maximum density of 30 units per acre. The Subdistrict allows a maximum height of 54 feet

The proposed change would increase the maximum residential density to 85 units per acre along with the FAR to 2:1.

The increases would be tied to a minimum of residential uses in order to encourage residential or mixed use development.

The setbacks would be reduced in order to make the development more urban in nature. The overall allowed height would not be increased.

After numerous frustrating encounters with LGWNA, Andres Real Estate was all set to sell the property months ago. This zoning change filing indicates - BD's opinion - they believe the City Plan Commission and City Council will put more value on a positive development near Lower Greenville (after the CityVille zoning disaster) and flowing towards the redeveloped portion of Henderson Avenue, than the opposition of just five residents under Mad Maxine's control.

BD can already hear the narrow-minded fools in LGNA and LGWNA cranking up their tired old arguments and dull knives to stick in our back again, even as we write these words.

LGWNA does not speak for the majority of their neighbors, many of whom have never been invited to a neighborhood association meeting or just happen to have the wrong color skin tones. BD has stopped counting the number of people who live on Rowena or Richmond that tell him they have never heard of LGWNA or been invited to one of their meetings.

The City Plan Commission hearing is set for early February, 2008. You can download the Early Notification form and send in your comments by fax or regular mail.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall