Fear of scumbar patrons in LGNA-land drives call for business boycott

An unidentified Lower Greenville resident is really scared that scumbar patrons might soon be parking on residential streets north of Belmont Avenue.

Convinced his neighbors are too important to have to put up with the same noise, trash, and public whizzing issues that have plagued the folks living south of Belmont Avenue for nearly ten years, he is (anonymously) calling for a boycott of any business even remotely associated with BarkingDogs.

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In a letter mailed in mid-December, addressed to residents on the 5700 and 5800 blocks of Velasco, Palo Pinto and Goliad, this staunch defender of the LGNA Way of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Blissful Ignorance wrote -

Neighborhood thug Avi Adelman aka Barking Dog is encouraging Lower Greenville bar patrons to park on your block. [Name withheld] is sponsoring this.

First, see the email he sent out with the [name withheld] telling people to park on your block. Then look at the story on his website to see what they are doing...

The website even goes so far as to include a map of your block with the tag, "FREE PARKING."

BD is withholding the names of all the businesses listed in the letter, but he will tell you some have no love for BD or are simply places he patronizes on occasion. Amazingly, 7-Eleven, known for its great hot chocolate, was not listed.

The letter included copies of BD's spoof about free parking, published in September 2007, Lower Greenville's best kept secret: Free Parking (link), and included this map, all in anticipation of the new Resident Parking Only zones just announced by the BelmontNA.

The letter was not signed. A small number were delivered by mail (in plain white envelopes, no return address, of course) to some of the business listed. The packet included copies of BD's Free Parking story. To date, BD has not heard from any resident on any of these three streets saying they received the letter.

The anonymous writer reflects a number of valid paranoid fears held by many residents north of Lower Greenville (commonly called the Lower Greenville Swamp Theory)-

For ten years, Lowest Greenville has been LGNA's swamp, with scumbars, drunks, trash, noise, traffic, loud patrons pissing on our homes, things they did not want in their area. Lower Greenville NA did not lift a single finger in protest of any liquor permits, support any kind of crimewatch (not counting the LGNA-controlled group that could not find Lower Greenville on a dark and stormy night even if the DPD drove them there), or calls to City Hall to complain about code violations.

They openly opposed the creation of BelmontNA because they knew an organized and determined neighborhood association would be a threat to their control.

They fought the CityVille project, the Arcadia mixed-use proposals and now the Carnival redevelopment proposal, because these projects would - gasp! - improve the quality of life in our area.

LGNA opposes the use of Resident Parking Only, especially south of Belmont, since it will drive scumbar patrons into their neighborhoods. The scumbars would move north into their territory, and that is something they will not tolerate.

They opposed the Beagle's Specific Use Permit by using misinterpreted DPD incident reports (and because the Beagle was community-friendly).

In their mind, every time a BelmontNA resident is assaulted by a drunk bar patron caught pissing on their doorstep, one of their residents sleeps without interruption.

Now that BelmontNA has several RPO streets in force and more in process, their worse fear is a reality: The scumbar patrons will have no choice but to seek free parking on their streets.

During the recent DHL hearing on BelmontNA's membership, BD told the Lower Greenville NA board that RPO (which LGNA discourages on any of its streets) was the top priority for the association, and they had enough money to pay to RPO at least eight streets by the end of 2008. He suggested they start saving their pennies now since they would need RPO in a few years.

It looks like someone in that room did the math, figured out they had a big problem on their hands, and took the chickenshit way out.

BD and others who have seen the letter have the usual list of suspects - someone who can't spell very well, has no command of basic grammatical skills, does not really know which businesses do or don't get BD's business or support, and has a deep-seated fear of their property turning into a toilet for scumbar patrons.

That fear part was the only thing he got right.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets