More parking spaces go 'poof'

More parking spaces are evaporating from Lower Greenville side-streets every day.

Permanent No Parking Between The Signs signs are installed on the south side of the 5700 block of Richmond, starting at the pastry shop driveway and going to the large residential building currently occupied by a psychic. Total number of parking spaces taken: 20.

Do you think she knew it was coming??

Sources tell BD the request was made by businesses in the area tired of cars parking too close to or simply blocking their driveways. The number of near-misses caused by idiots making U-turns on Richmond will surely drop.

Another Resident Parking Only zone near Lower Greenville was also recently approved by the City. The signs won't be installed for another two weeks, giving residents time to order their hang-tags. The BelmontNA, which is paying all expenses to bring RPO to streets within their association's boundaries, is not disclosing which street is getting RPO. Another RPO petition was submitted to the City a few weeks ago, but again, no one will say which street.

Bar patrons should not be worried about the lack of parking on the weekends - there are plenty of spaces available on streets north of Belmont Avenue, but still within walking distance of Lower Greenville or Middle Greenville (click here for map).

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets