Pulling the plug, the meter, the power... on Avenue Bar

BD's not sure if this is a trend of things to come, but we can only hope so.

Last weekend, BD was told by numerous sources that Avenue Bar & Grille had lost it's Certificate of Occupancy for lack of any parking spaces. Apparently their claim to spaces on a trashed-out parking lot on Bell Street (near Summit) had been proven untrue (although a few years ago, it was used for remote parking by Go Lounge and Tantra, previous occupants of this space).

But despite the lack of a CO, the club was open all weekend. TABC was notified and expected to prepare an administrative action against them for operating in contradiction to local code. And that was all she wrote, since DPD had not been formally notified (claim officers), or they would have closed them down. Calls to the City's Premise Abatement Team over the weekend went unanswered.

After a few calls on Monday, BD has learned the Avenue's electric meter was pulled on Monday by ONCOR, at the request of the City's Code Enforcement Department. It was to have been done before the weekend, but post-storm repairs delayed the process.

A City Staff person tells BD this is not a new policy, but something done upon request by the City to ONCOR.

This is not something the City just pulled out of its hat - for years, Arlington's Code Enforcement regularly ordered the pulling of power meters when a business was out of compliance. This tactic had previously been regarded as too aggressive by Dallas City Attorney's, but maybe they grew some bulbs.

BD will be the first one to offer up some money to pull a wire cutter for the City if they keep doing this for every business operating out of compliance on Lower Greenville, a very long list indeed.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Code enforcement