Can it get any worse?? (Except there is no film)

The video BD and others posted this morning, showing two alleged perps walking down a residential alley with guns held high, has been deleted from YouTube. The real story would take more electrons than we have handy, but local media and the DPD have confirmed it was not an armed robbery in the making. Let's just call it viral marketing meets To Kill a Mockingbird, and leave it at that.

If you live in East Dallas, or anywhere in Dallas for that matter, you know how bad crime is getting.

On early Thursday morning, a Lower Greenville resident interrupted a possible burglary when he found someone camped out in his driveway waiting for his partner. He evaporated from the area before the DPD officers arrived.

At the quarterly Central DPD Crimewatch summit, new stats showed residential burglary in the Lower Greenville area (the 140's) was up 39% for the first three months of this year (82 incidents) compared to the first three months of last year (59). There were at least four burglaries in the last few weeks reported in both the BelmontNA area and the Lower Greenville NA Daily Crime Reports.

Catalytic converters ripped off from Toyota trucks are a hot item, thanks to the platinum inside. At least four have been cut off vehicles (total time: less than 2 minutes) parked in residential driveways in the area - but last night, one was cut off a vehicle in a restaurant parking lot while the owners dined inside.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets