LMP Casey stalks political consultant at City Council party

Now that the elections are over, it looks like LMP Casey has taken up a new career: Stalking political opponents and people she does not like when attending political events and private parties.

Sources tell BD that at an event held Wednesday evening at David Dean's home, celebrating the four outgoing Council reps, LMP got downright obnoxious and belligerent (is that an oxymoron for her?) in the face of political consultant (and District 2 resident) Lorlee Bartos.

According to witnesses, LMP stalked Bartos constantly during the evening, calling her a loser repeatedly and bumping into Bartos from behind (just like a pig in heat?). One of LMP's goons groped Bartos' dangly earrings at least twice in an attempt to remove them forcibly.

Besides being a pig, LMP apparently can't read a newspaper either: Bartos was responsible for Ron Natinsky's victory in District 12.

It's not clear if LMP was also getting even for Bartos' comments in the DMN story about vote-harvesting story (click here) published on Tuesday -

Despite some political operatives' distaste for vote-harvesting, candidates in District 2 often find they must embrace it to win, said Ms. Bartos, the campaign strategist.

"You have to fight fire with fire," she said.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Elections , Safe streets