Parking lot scammers return to Lower Greenville

Update 930 am Saturday - Mr. Harvey Richman, co-owner of the Big Wong/Dodies Property, confirmed that his brother (and the other co-owners) Marc Richman agreed to let these scammers collect money for parking on the Big Wong lot after 11pm, in return for a payment of $500 per month. This deal breaks an agreement with neighborhood residents on the other side of Lower Greenville that he would not let anyone operate a pay-parking service on this parking lot. It also violates a long list of Dallas City Code issues regarding the secondary use of a property for more than the one business outlined in the Certificate of Occupancy. Let's not forget the insurance issues either. Thankfully, there are deed restrictions that prohibit pay-parking services on the parking lot behind the restaurants, but for the right price the Richman's would probably let it go pay to park. The towing service says they will continue to tow any car that parks on the lot until they are notified to stop.

The newest parking scam on Lower Greenville continued without interruption Friday evening. Four males who claimed to have permission to sell parking spaces at Bottle & Brew, Big Wong and Corner Stop returned to their posts for a few hours. This is the same group photographed by BD last weekend at Bottle & Brew (link).

DPD officers were called to the location by these scam artists who did not appreciate BD videotaping their activities. When DPD officers arrived, the scammers produced a file folder full of legal papers they claimed were their authorization to collect parking fees from the owner of the Big Wong property, Harvey Richman.

But the officers who spoke to the scammers noted that none of the papers were signed by Mr. Richman. They had no documents for the Bottle & Brew property, owned by Dallas City Council Member Mitchell Rasansky, though they claimed to have his permission as well. According to the police officer who spoke to one of the scammers, they were paying Mr. Richman $500 per month to operate the service on this parking lot.

The Big Wong lot is patrolled by a towing service, which confirmed they were not notified of any changes to the parking arrangements on the property. It is also known that various deed restrictions prohibit any parking services from operating on this property. The towing service said they would tow any car parked by a patron who leaves the parking lot, no matter whom they paid for parking or how much.

The scammers stopped collecting any money while BD was on the street with his camera, and eventually gave up trying to make money. In the meantime, at least two cars were towed from the lot after their owners left the property to go party.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville