Live from City Hall.... The Lucky's Roadhouse SUP hearing

The Plan Commission voted to approve the Lucky's SUP with some new - and unusual - requirements.

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We'll post a summary and some YouTube videos as quick as we can edit them.

The meeting started late so things are running behind. So far the commissioners are going through the consent items, the stuff that does not need much public discussion.

So far the LGNALand folks are only represented by Darren Dattalo sitting way up in the last row.LGWNA's Bruce Richardson is sitting dead in the middle of the room, glaring at anyone who even looks at him sideways.

Everyone on the case is tightlipped - there have been little meetings between different parties, all trying to lay out their case to anyone on the commission who will listen.

Bobby Ornelas is making his statement. Noting this is the third renewal of the SUP (since 2002).

Why if we have done everything we can - getting ENP money, help the neighbors - is someone opposing it?

Met with Ms. Hunt and she said to talk to all the immediate neighbors. 80% of immediate property owners supporting it.

Cannot understand why there is such an opposition.

Noting changes in bar sytle, and how this has reduced low DPD call rate to almost nothing.

Neighbors wanted valet moved, they moved it. Rooftop patio does not need parking, but they are overparked for it. Serving food. Using Firestone parking lot in trade for parking repaired cars during the day.

Met with LGNA informally and board members were there, saying - Why is this such an issue to some people? We don't mind it.

Why is there such opposition if we have done nothing wrong?

Roger Albright (lawyer for Lucky's) passing out binders to commissioners showing neighborhood support petition numbers

Refers to Ms Lill statement in 2005 - the persons who are most directly affected are adjoining neighbors who were not there before.

Met with all the residents in those townhomes close in - Tempo, Hope Estates, Hope Commons.

Issues were valet stand and front door - both moved.

Ms. Hunt suggested two years extension, they agreed to it.

75% of the residents in area support it.

Petition drive - 5000 flyers in the four neighborhoods in the area.

150 close in residents in close in signed it.

10 in LGWNA.

plus extras outside the area.

Now the residents are in favor - all new developments.

They never get into the DPD reports each weekend

All the developments are in Phase II planning, already building.

Noise is kept low, ambient noise a bigger issue.

No more parking exists if they force parking for patio, which is not required anyway.

(There is no one from LGNA in audience except Dattalo)

We have real live parking spaces without any Delta credits.

The neighbors don't know squat (point of order by Emmons) about SUPs but we know better.

We are always speaking to neighbors when the harsh reality hits them in the face.

It's a special neighborhood. It's zoned differently than anywhere else.

The criteria - not personality - is not being met.

Opposition from Lower Greenville West - Bill Glendenning (sp?)

Resident from 5602 Richmond, new guy in the hood.

Does not understand why they even got SUP to begin with.

Trying figure out if the SUP is even legal.

Flyer does not say if the property owner or operations will change but SUP stays with land.

Trying to get them to deny SUP on basis of use of land, not issues.

Bruce Richardson for Lower Greenville West NA

Takes neighborhood streets poster from Bobby off the stand and out of view of commissioners, says they paid the consultants well

Says they are not opposing the bar, the customers, the operations, but focusing on the land use on Lower Greenville and CR zoning.

It's a large site, and the SUP runs with the land - 10,000 sf of floor and 1,000s of rooftop.

They can deploy (his word) this to the highest and best use to impact the area.

Imagine it with full limits of law in operations, but now there are new owners and wow we didnt know it would be this bad.

Most people dont know SUPs run with the land and that tomorrow the owner could change.

Bruce is quoting SUP rules from Code, and says that this use will not be compatible to the surrounding uses.

It won't contribute to the welfare of the area. He says it won't do it but not judging the applicant.

The land use will change on a dime and it could have a detrimental impact on area.

Conforms to other zoning standards - he thinks it does not conform to Article 10 ?? and you can find other points to fight them on zoning.

The SUP does not meet the legal criteria, and there is no evidence it will do it.

Bruce sounds like the same broken record as he was during St. Patrick's Day hearings when he wanted to not allow the permit.

It's time for hopes and dreams...

Plan Commission has a role to play in our neighborhood. Showing photo of new Arcadia development.

That's all legal and green and solves problems. It's good for area.

As a person who lives here and is impacted by use.

Urge you to vote down the issue.

Rebuttal from Roger Albright

The Arcadia property is the same owner as this property  - Dunhill.
If we burned down, we hope they will build the same cool building on this

Greenville has always been an interplay of commercial and residential use.

Good operators get along with the neighbors

Neighbors DO know what an SUP - not our first rodeo with them

Residents in area of notification - all positive.

All residents in area - all supporting

LGNA is not here or opposing.

LGWNA is not here opposing, just Bruce here.

Neal Emmons / Plan Commissioner for District 14 (Lower Greenville) makes a motion to approve with changes

1- One year SUP

2- Outside speakers not permitted

3- Commercial amusement limits not past 2am

4- Minimum number of parking 109

5- Rooftop should be parked 1 for 100sf

Motion on floor

Most of the discussion has been technical - where residents are, where noise is, who is here in the hall etc in favor or opposed

Neal Emmons does not like the fact that Lucky's hired a consultant to do their databases.

Neal Emmons is speaking

Now a patron of Lucky's and it’s a good place to go, good service

Worries that next use is the problem, not the current users

His new conditions on the SUP were the result of his split emotions.

No reason for the noise issue, but he wants them to find more parking for the deck.

Two commissioners do not like the Emmons restrictions

One is really mixed up - thinks that Lucky's has changed its name three times
in three years

After some discussions on technical issues the vote is in favor of SUP with new restrictions

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Dallas City Hall