Yom Ha'Atzmahut ha-60 (Happy 60th Israel Independence Day)

Regular BD readers know he spent three years living in Israel as a student and then a kibbutznik between 1977 and 1980. Despite the claims by some scumbar owners that BD is an illegal immigrant, he is an American citizen born in Philadelphia.

While living in Israel, BD was a witness to historic events on a scale that still gives him goosebumps. On the extreme side, the Coastal Road Massacre in March 1978 killed 35 Israelis and one American, and put the entire area where BD was living under martial law (the first and last time it ever happened) for a few days. On the good side, Anwar Sadat made his historic trip to Israel and spoke to the Israeli Knesset (November 1978).

BD was in Israel during Israel's 30th Independence Day, a way cool event. Today's celebration of Israel's 60th Independence Day did two things - it made BD realize how old he was getting (as if that last birthday had not already done enough damage), and made him dig out his old Israeli immigration papers (a Teudat Oleh in Hebrew) so he could scare the Puppettes with old photographs.

That hairstyle was called a Jewfro - and BD used HebrewSheen to keep it really fluffy. BD never packed a pillow on a camping trip.

This document was used to track the various benefits given to immigrants (like apartment subsidies, tax breaks, etc). This was way before computerized documents - every single entry was handwritten by any number of government officials. Today, it's all tracked in some big computer, but you still have to carry the little blue booklet around.

If you can read Hebrew, test your skills by translating this page.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets