Taggerettes caught in the act...

One of the hottest topics on neighborhood crimewatch blogs is tagging, that not-so-fine art of using spray paint or magic marker to tag your territory. Whole garage doors become monuments to the low IQ of these persons, many of whom do not even live near where they tag.

Tagging is comparable to a dog whizzing on a tree at White Rock Lake - it's not his territory, but he wants you to think it is. At least, you can just wash the odor off your property.

Late Friday evening, BD was on the street with the infamous video camera watching the usual comings and goings of the night. While standing on Greenville in front of Blockbuster, he heard a ruckus coming from the Shell Station across the street. A young Hispanic female was turning one of the grey trashcans around, as if she was about to puke her guts out.

But instead of heaving, she reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a weapon - a magic marker.

Let's roll our beautiful baked bean footage as her female companion is tagging the gas pump, while the first girl leans on the post and then starts tagging it. The tape is a little shaky at first, because BD was laughing under his breath.

Also note the exchange of gang signs with a group that had been parked by the water pump. And the magic markers sticking out of her back pocket.

The license plate on the car is Texas FLY-404. If you can run the plates on your PublicData account, send the owner information to BD and we'll ask Daddy what he thinks of his little girl's artwork.

A very high-resolution version of this tape has been forwarded to the DPD so they can review and prosecute our little gangbangerette. We've also posted a frame grab of the two girls with their street names included.

We don't think the Shell Station folks will bother - they're too busy letting the street people sleep in the parking lot behind the building.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville