More resident parking only by end of June (updated)

Update - The City's Public Works & Transportation department has moved up the installation date for the new RPO signs.

The signs on the north side of 5800 Prospect (an expansion of the RPO currently on the south side) and both sides of the 5800 block of Richmond Avenue will be installed no later than Monday, June 23rd. There will be a one-week grace period before tickets are issued to non-residents.

The RPO on the south side of 5700 Richmond (an expansion of the RPO currently on the north side) will be installed in early July.

The Belmont Neighborhood Association has announced new Resident Parking Only zones within their boundaries.

Two are an expansion of existing RPO Zones - #16 on the 5800 block of Prospect, and #17 on the 5700 block of Richmond.

The 5800 block of Richmond Avenue will be RPO on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The BelmontNA is paying for all RPO expenses - including petition fees, sign charges and hangtags for the residents (first year only) - using money from the Arcadia Fund. This round of RPO expansion cost the association nearly $1,300, leaving $3,600 in the fund.

Belmont NA has set a goal of RPO for at least ten streets within its boundaries by the end of 2009.

There is still plenty of free parking in the neighborhoods north of the Blockbuster/Whole Foods parking lot. Click here for more information.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets