The Beagle gets SUP, but Mad Maxine crosses the line

And what about the B-word?

The Dallas City Council approved a three-year SUP extension for The Beagle this afternoon. This was less than the five years approved by Planning and Zoning, but for a (bad) reason. Outgoing rep Veletta Lill - bemoaning the fact that she could never get anything fixed on Lower Greenville after eight years - got her last noogies in before leaving office.

The extension is not automatically renewable, so that - in her words - the people who are moving into all the new developments in the area will be able to have a voice in fighting the SUP in 2008.

In other words, they will be allowed to fight the businesses that were here before they moved in?

Wasn't that argument shot down years ago??

Sounds logical to BD.


BD was not at the meeting but has a visual of Veletta rending her clothing and saying a Kaddish over Lower Greenville and the tsuris it caused her for eight years.

Where were these people five years ago?

Mad Maxine was not too happy with this outcome - She was going for a full denial, saying that the Beagle was not compatible with new developments coming to the area.

After listening to her and John Scarborough bemoan the number of bars in the area, BD has to ask again - and again and again:

Where were these people five years ago when things were really getting out of hand???

Have you ever seen Mad Max walk a crimewatch??

Have you seen John Scarborough on the street after 9 pm, or is he still hiding behind that oversized fence

Hello, code compliance? I'd like to report a fence that is possibly too damn tall for a residential area.

Yeah, at the southwest corner of Euclid and Sears.

Yeah, the whole damn corner.

Even the Puppettes don't use this kind of language!

Remember the line - If you can't say something nice about someone, keep your big mouth shut.

Someone should have told that to the LGNA board member testifying against the SUP this afternoon.

Paramedics had to revive some council members after this very elderly LGNA officer told them (and thousands in the radio audience) that a Beagle owner called Mad Maxine a b---- back during the P & Z hearing a few months ago.

I am not kidding - she actually said the whole b-word into the microphone.

As one person said in an e-mail to BD minutes later,

You could have heard the gasp across the radio spectrum.

Mayor Miller very quickly - and properly - admonished this speaker for using such foul language at the Council chambers. The chill in her voice was very audible.

Someone who was at the meeting wrote BD

You would have enjoyed council. When she said the b-word, the mayor looked like someone had just found the proverbial turd in the punchbowl

And nearly 90 years of goodwill went down the tubes in that exchange.

As one neighbor told BD this afternoon -

This is just another Mad Maxine trick. When you can't win, play nasty, fight dirty, and lie lie lie.

For the record:

No one ever used the B-word to describe Mad Maxine at that P & Z hearing.

BD has listened to the tapes of the hearing. He has spoken to people who were at the P & Z hearing (BD was told he was not welcome at City Hall that day because Mad Max and Neil Emmons were crying about what he was writing about them).

BD has heard lots of things said about Mad Maxine, but none were ever spoken at a city hearing in front of P & Z commissioner.

BD has found some gems out of Mad Maxine's mouth on that tape, but we are still working on the transcriptions.

You don't think a P & Z commissioner would have let that get by, do you?

Yeah, and then they still offered a five-year SUP proposal to the Beagle.

BD is not sure what's more disgusting -

Hearing an elderly lady talk like a sailor in front of City Council, or thinking that Mad Maxine had no other weapon except shock and awe.

Shame, shame, shame.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council