The po-po got's WaWa!

DPD sources confirmed on Tuesday evening that WaWa, one half of the team that tagged the Lower Greenville Shell station last month - which was captured on tape by BD - was arrested by the DPD's gang unit last evening. BD's got the mugshot and arrest report after the jump.

WaWa was arrested after tagging another location on Lower Greenville late last night, but her penchant for an audience did her in. Her latest escapade was witnessed by a number of area residents, who confirmed her identity to DPD.

Updated information - 6.26.08 - The taggerette has been identified as Laura Moreno, age 20, and is currently being held in Lew Sterrett. The County has her listed as Jeannie Vasquez, age 23, but only because Moreno was busted last year for theft and gave her friend's name as hers. DPD will confirm her identity and revise the records later today.

According to the County's jailhouse database, Moreno was booked on Tuesday evening for failure to identify with fugitive intent, bond forfeiture theft in an amount greater than $500 and and two charges graffiti pecuniary loss less than $500. Her latest tag was a manhole cover near Lower Greenville.

The other half of the tag team - Phat Guey - is still on the run. Local kids tell BD she and WaWa have been targeting a number of businesses in the area. When one business owner caught them tagging his walls, he chased them down. The tagger's uncle, who apparently is an enabler, brought them back to Lower Greenville in an attempt to tag this business owner's car, but failed when he drove to work in a different vehicle.

Warrants were issued immediately after BD's tape was posted to YouTube, and both girls went into hiding. Phat Guey's mother is reported to be deep in denial that her daughter is a tagger, despite seeing the tape aired on two local newscasts.

Dallas Police Department Arrest Report for WaWa

This is the text of the DPD arrest report, which explains the events that led up to the arrest on Lower Greenville. BD has tried to clean up the file to read more like a story than a police report, and deleted the name of the witness.

A suspect check of arrested person MORENO, LAURA revealed 1 hold warrant out of DALLAS SHERIFFS OFFICE totaling $2000.00. The warrant was confirmed by warrant in hand. Arrestees first warrant M872145 is under her alias name of Vasquez. Live scan revealed her true name to be MORENO, LAURA

On 06-24-08 around 12:50 am Officer Waskom #8808 observed ARRESTED PERSON MORENO and ACCOMPLICE CISNEROS sitting on the curb of the sidewalk at 1400 Greenville Ave and attempted to hide a red back pack from Officer Askom's view. This seemed suspicious to Officer Waskom who stopped and made contact with ARRESTED PERSON MORENO and ACCOMPLICE CISNEROS

Officer observed writing on the backpack resembling graffiti. Officer Waskom then did a subject check of ARRESTED PERSON MORENO which revealed a warrant out of Dallas County for graffiti and placed her under arrest.

After further investigation Officer Waskom and Officers Robinson #8953 and Pina #8742 were informed of a criminal mischief call at XXXXX Street. Officer Robinson spoke to witness who stated he observed one Latin female take a silver pen from a latin male bend over and write on a manhole cover. Witness stated once they left the location he observed silver wet painted letters "NW" on a manhole cover.

Officer Robinson then brought witness to the arrest location who identified both ARRESTED PERSON MORENO and ACCOMPLICE CISNEROS. ACCOMPLICE CISNEROS consented to search of his backpack which revealed a spray paint can and tips and his sketch book.

Search incident to arrest for possession of graffiti implements - Officer found ACCOMPLICE CISNEROS to be in possession of the silver paint pen witness observed ARRESTED PERSON MORENO using at the offense location.

ARRESTED PERSON MORENO was transported to 1400 S. Lamar (DPD Headquarters) to be interviewed by Detective Dirks #5432 and then transported to Lew Sterrett. A check of TLETS and JI55 showed no prior convictions.

ARRESTED PERSON MORENO was identified by witness as the person placing the graffiti on the property. The value is less than $400. ARRESTED PERSON MORENO was identified by live scan printing.

ARRESTED PERSON MORENO was placed under arrest for graffiti warrant out of DALLAS SHERIFF'S OFFICE and spraying graffiti on city property by OFFICERS WASKOM and ROBINSON

Arrestee was transported to Lew Sterrett jail where her true identity MORENO, LAURA. A subject check showed the arrestee has a warrant for her arrest out of Dallas county for theft, m-0762010 in addition to the above graffiti warrant under her alias name, M0872145.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement