It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

This is Alma. Last night was Alma's birthday. Happy birthday Alma.

Alma had a very exciting birthday on Lower Greenville. Exciting exciting exciting.

Alma and all her gangbanger friends came all the way from Garland to party on Lower Greenville. That's because there's nowhere in Garland for Alma and her friends to act like little beotches and get drunk.

Alma was partying in a bar on Lower Greenville. Party party party. Alma was drinking at the bar. Drink drink drink.

Alma made lots of money dancing with different men in the bar. Look at the money pinned to her clothes. Dance dance dance.

But then Alma and one of her friends got into a fight - over a guy. Fight fight fight. Scratch scratch scratch. Scream scream scream.

Alma and her friends got kicked out of the bar and landed on the sidewalk. Ouch, that hurt.

The local police officers were right there and helped Alma and her friends get up off the ground. Friendly friendly friendly.

They took Alma over to the paddy wagon. But Alma was so drunk she thought they were trying to hurt her. And she screamed and yelled and resisted all their efforts to put a pair of plastic handcuffs on her. Resist resist resist. Now Alma's in trouble for resisting arrest. Big big trouble.

Alma was made to sit on the ground next to the friend she was fighting with. They bonded on the sidewalk. Her friend said they were both going to jail and Alma should shut the f*ck up and stop complaining. Shut up, b*tch. Shut up, b*tch. Shut up, b*tch.

Alma went down to detox, where she probably still sits right now. Sitting and crying. Sitting and crying. Shut up, b*tch.

Poor Alma.

Let's watch the video and see Alma having a good time.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville