LGNA is moving to San Jose

Before you get all excited and start wondering what life on Lower Greenville would be like if LGNA's board and Mad Maxine moved to the Silicon Valley, let's clarify something...

We are talking about the domain name, not the association.

A few years ago, BD noticed LGNA was using the dot-net version of their domain name, not the dot-org as most associations and non-profits do. Heck of a surprise to find they never bothered to register the dot-org domain name.

BD bought it on behalf of the Belmont Neighborhood Association, and it's been pointing to BelmontNA.org for a few years now. This scandalous behavior came up during the kangaroo court - excuse me, hearing - convened by the Dallas Homeowners League last October, wherein LGNA's Mad Maxine pulled out all the stops to keep BelmontNA from becoming a DHL member (read Jim Schutze's review of this hearing in the Dallas Observer - click here). She noted, with a tear in her eye, that BD had the unmitigated chutzpah, and generally not-so-neighborly attitude, in owning not only LGNA's coveted dot-org domain name, but her name too.

I was absolutely shocked. I had absolutely no idea Maxine knew how to cry.

Fast forward to July 2008. After a secret meeting between a member of the LGNA and BelmontNA boards (not including BD, by LGNA's request) in a coffee shop foru ZIP codes and two council districts away from Lower Greenville, BelmontNA proposed a mutual recognition and reconciliation with LGNA. This proposal included giving the domain name to LGNA.

LGNA's response after one month - Absolute frigging dead silence.

At the same time, we got an email from a neighborhood activist in the San Jose area, asking if we would sell the domain name to their association, Lincoln Glen NA (get it, L-G-N-A?). And to make this even more interesting, the new association is splitting from their mothership over a disagreement on the use of parklands in their area. Sounds familiar, eh???

After much hand-wringing and prayerful meditation (not!), BelmontNA decided, What the hell, let's have some fun!, and approved the domain name transfer to this new association. Heck, we aren't even charging them for the name - it's free!

There will be a going away party in a few days as the domain name electrons move around the internet to their new DNS home. No gifts, please.

Now if we could just sell MaxineAaronson.com.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement