DPD and TABC tell bars to clean up their act, starting right now

It's put up or shut up time for Lower Greenville bars.

After months of dealing with fights, noise and public intoxication issues every weekend, Lower Greenville bars were put on notice to get their act together, or the DPD and TABC will gladly do it for them.

During a meeting held early Wednesday evening, bar owners were told that issues like noise impacting the residential neighborhoods, overserving patrons, and fights inside and outside of businesses had reached an unacceptable level. Along with a letter from the DPD Central Division Chief, each business owner was given a copy of the City's noise ordinance, TABC rules, and a guide to best business practices for bars.

During a tour last Saturday evening, the Chief met with almost every operator to invite them to the meeting, plus point out the very obvious issues like open doors letting bar noise (we don't dare call it music) leak out. He and his team have been tracking the incidents each weekend and were planning to meet with each bar owner to review their individual lists of issues.

BD's sources tell him that some bar owners believe their businesses are not the issue and it's the guys on the other side of the street causing all the problems. When one bar operator made this statement, DPD staff was reported to have noted dozens of noise citations on his business, with an admonishment that he needs to clean up his act before pointing his finger in any other direction. Issues like being able to identify who is a bar employee (eg wearing a shirt that says SECURITY in big letters) and who is a drunken idiot patron, enforcing dress codes, adjusting price points to keep out gangbangers and how to close the bar down with minimal disturbances were also discussed.

Another meeting and review is planned for after the holidays, but a date has not been set, according to BD's sources.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement