Another illegal parking lot bites the dust; RPO enforcement gets aggressive

A long-standing illegal parking lot on the 5600 block of Bell Street was shut down this weekend.

The parking lot, an unpaved lot where three houses once stood, had been operated by three unidentified males for the past year; a former employee reportedly has been operating the property without paying any fees to the property owner. And every time new No Parking signs were placed on the property, they mysteriously evaporated in time for the next weekend of parking services.

The property owner's representative made a surprise visit on Saturday evening and evicted the three unidentified attendants. A new towing service has already been selected and will begin operations immediately.

This action takes about 60 parking spaces out of the Lower Greenville inventory.

In a related move, DPD has been aggressively enforcing the Resident Parking Only zones in the Lower Greenville area - by 1am, at least four cars had been towed off RPO Zone #25 on 5500 Alta Street. For the whole weekend, DPD reports citing 30 cars for illegal parking in RPO zones, with 15 towed off to the Vilbig auto pound.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets