Stop, drop, busted

This past Spring, when BD was a student at the DPD's Citizens Academy, he learned how to drop a perp with a swift but well placed kick across the ankles. That may not be much to you, but it sure came in handy last August when BD dropped a shoplifter carrying about $50 worth of barbecue ribs in his pants (Meat Avi Adelman, Dallas Observer).

So it was kind of fun to watch a DPD officer use the same technique on a Lower Greenville drunk this weekend. And it was more fun to get it on tape. After the jump, the watch the drunk get dropped.

BD was standing with DPD officers at the drunk collection post by Taco Cabana when a passing driver flagged the officer down. He said the guy approaching us had been slapping his girlfriend around when they were walking up the street a few moments earlier.

The officer crossed Alta to talk to the couple, with BD right behind him and the tape rolling. The officer went to the boyfriend and started to talk to him. By the time BD had the camera focused on the pair, the boyfriend apparently had said and/or done something stupid. At that point, the officer decided the boyfriend should spend the night in detox, and of course, he disagreed with that decision.

Next thing you see is the boyfriend getting an upclose introduction to the sidewalk. Let's roll that beautiful baked bean footage, and then watch it in slow motion.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues