POS gets busted for BMV thanks to an alert neighbor

The hottest crime in Dallas right now is BMV - Burglary of a motor vehicle. In the Lower Greenville area, DPD spends untold resources on trying to catch these guys in our neighborhood.

So it's really cool to hear one of these POS's (click here for definition of POS) was busted just minutes after breaking into a car on the Good Records parking lot. It's super cool to know that a local resident helped the DPD arrest his sorry ass.

Details are still coming in, so here is what we have... (and it's subject to tweaking later).

About 930 am Sunday morning, the neighbor, who lives just a few blocks off Greenville Avenue, noticed a gold-colored Crown Victoria parked on his street, facing the wrong way. He figured, yeah someone partied too hard and got an RPO ticket.

But then a POS (now identified as Luis Rodriguez, age 18 - see Dallas County Jail booking photo at left) gets out of the car and starts running down the street towards Greenville Avenue. Rodriguez went into the Good Records parking lot, broke the window of a BMW parked there, and removed all the personal items he could grab.

As Rodriguez ran back to the getaway car, the neighbor did not try to take the guy out, which is always a good idea. But he did step in front of the POS and said (not quote) - You are so going down for this. The POS replied with a one-finger salute and drove off in the pimpmobile.

Just a few minutes later, using our neighbor's information, the DPD was able to apprehend the guy not far away. The neighbor made a positive identification and the guy is, as predicted, going down.

According to the DPD Offense Report, there was $800 in property damage to the vehicle (window and frame) and $400 in stolen property. The victim is from New Mexico; hell of a welcome to Big D!

Our neighbor is out of pocket for the moment - he is on the way to buy a new personal handgun in case the POS decides to pay a visit Lower Greenville again.

Details to follow...

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement