Murdered bar patron is a (second) for Lower Greenville

Lower Greenville has achieved a new milestone as it continues its descent into hell. The Dallas Police Department and News8 confirm the death of a club patron at the Sekret's parking lot (1506 Greenville, one block south of Ross) early this morning.

DMN - 23-year-old man beaten, left for dead in Greenville Avenue nightclub lot

According to News8 - (link)

Police said a group of people were arguing in the parking lot behind a Lower Greenville Avenue bar around 1:30 a.m. As the argument escalated, investigators said one man jumped in his car and allegedly ran over another man in the group.

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The DPD's Lower Greenville Weekend Report (posted at the BelmontNA website) noted -

An Aggravated Assault with a Motor Vehicle resulted in a death of an Hispanic male in the parking lot of Sekret's, 1506 Greenville Avenue (south of Ross).

Sources on the street tell BD the fight started in the bar and moved out to the parking lot, where the victim was severely beaten by more than one person. After the beating, he was run over - repeatedly - by one vehicle.

The incident and its aftermath must have happened extremely quickly. Even though the DPD press release said the incident took place at 130am, the first call to 911 came in at 217am. There are two Offense Reports for this incident: the first (Offense Report 023800-W) is for the murder of Marlon Alfaro) and the second is for the assault on his friend Oscar Lopez (Offense Report 23957-W). Neighbors across the street tell BD they did not even hear an ambulance or police siren.

Sekret's location off the beaten is a plus and minus for the club. It depends on word of mouth and not foot traffic for business, and business ain't doing so well. DPD reports maybe one Public Intoxication arrests at the club per month.

When the club opened in June, the valets were caught using the Fiesta employees parking lot (behind the club) and the Goodwill parking across the street. Fiesta shut them down the next day by changing the access code on their security gates, and Goodwill sent a very blunt Oh, no you don't letter to the club and contracted for towing on their property.

BD has been surveying neighborhood leaders all afternoon in an effort to confirm this is the first murder of a club patron in the area. So far, we think we're right.

This just in from the peanut gallery -

This was not the first bar murder on Lower Greenville. A long-time resident tells BD that during the late 80's there was a murder in a bar called The Golden (something) on the 1900 block of Greenville.

The shooting behind Poor David's was in 2003 and took place on Hope Street, not in the parking lot. The victim had performed at Poor David's, then went to another bar with his girlfriend. On returning to his car, the gunman surprised them on the street.

A street person was murdered behind another building in his sleep in 2003, but we have almost no details on that event. We've had our share of random gunfire, misdirected gunfire, assaults on police officers, assaults on restaurant staff, robberies of valets, and sexual assaults. But this is the first bar patron murder anyone can remember.

This is a developing story...

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville