La Patrona Medrano: The lights are on, but she's not paying attention

During the recent city council campaign, BD and others chided La Patrona Medrano for not being able to speak without John Loza or one of her brothers pulling the strings connected to her mouth. When she opened her mouth without guidance, all that came out was the shrill sound of ignorance.

Even after being elected, she still has no idea of what to say without any help.

Before the election, a neighbor sent BD this email after a community event with La Patrona -

Our neighborhood association had their first "meet-the-candidates" meeting last night. John Loza was there to present and endorse Pauline Medrano.

The following 45 minutes were absolutely painful. Ms. Medrano could not answer even the most basic of questions. When asked what her goals as a council person would be, she spoke of potholes and organizing crime watch groups.

So we asked her about the Homeless Assistance Center being in District 2. Nothing.

What would she do to attract Economic Development? She'd fix the potholes.

It went down from there...even her brother in attendance was disappointed, said there was alot of work to do yet.

Fast-forward to June, and it's getting worse. This same neighbor sent another email -

Our association officers went to City Hall to meet Pauline Medrano with a list of questions.

She's working hard behind that desk, meeting with all the right people in the right places.

She did not answer a single question, and was very polite about it.

Not sure if she was lacking in knowledge or if she's been coached not to speak until the family moved her mouth.

This is my City Council representative and District 2 desperately needs a strong voice. I do hope she can rise to the occasion.

Without it, say farewell to downtown, Deep Ellum, and the Cedars.

NSA Hunt is not much better, just a bit pricier. She's already held an after-the-election fundraiser at The Mansion on Turtle Creek (the ticket for an audience with NSA was $500, and the person next to you might have been a Crow).

Then she held a breakfast to meet with Hispanic leaders at the Original Pancake on Lemmon.

According to the emailed invite (no fancy card for this group) -

Brenda Reyes is organizing a breakfast with the newly-elected councilwoman... She is meeting with Hispanic leaders to discuss our issues and the issues facing the City.

No price tag there, but I am sure that all those nasty problems and issues were solved in the one hour she allotted out of her busy schedule.

BD wonders if her pending zoning vote against Club Babalu and all those nasty Mexicans upsetting the La Touracista residents came up between the coffee and the pancakes?

Getting worried?? You should be more than worried. You should be very, very afraid.

But remember one very important fact: If you did not bother to vote in the runoff, or voted for La Patrona or NSA, then you have only one person to blame for the storm of fire and rain about to fall on your neighborhood.


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By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Dallas City Hall