Squishing Skeeters and searching for Twits

Update  - We found Skeeter! More details after the jump...

As we get closer to St. Patrick's Day 2009, the level of vitriol towards BD in particular and Lower Greenville residents in general for our unabashed chutzpah at putting limits on the parking, drinking, and general stupidity reaches a level lower than the year before.

This year, it has reached that low again. Let BD introduce you to Skeeter and Plingyplang, the new poster children for stupid mofo's partying on Lower Greenville this weekend.

Skeeter has been reading the comments on the Dallas Observer blog about this weekend. Apparently Skeeter has a problem with being told where and when to show his wee willie in public.

Or maybe he just wants to show it to BD, we can't be sure.

Skeeter sent BD a message on Wednesday evening...

I look forward to the prospect of pissing in your lawn this year. I have no intent on pissing in any other yard. Just yours.

Oh, and how will I know that I am pissing in the correct yard. A quick search on (DCAD) let me know that (your house) is the lucky yard to catch my recycled buds and suds!!

See you on Saturday!!


To be honest, this statement is no more or less childish than any of the comments posted on the blogs. But here's where it gets to be fun. Skeeter not only signed his name (who would name their kid Skeeter?) but he sent the email from his Yahoo! account. A few seconds of searching Yahoo! and we found his profile here, complete with photograph [this profile was deleted by Yahoo on Friday].

BD's reply was very, very friendly...

Skeeter -

I welcome the opportunity to videotape your visit to my house this weekend. Just be sure you wave to the police officers standing about 50 feet away at the corner of Belmont and Greenville.

Just to make sure we are clear about personal limits: my house is the one with the picket fence around it and two very large NO TRESPASSING signs on the fence. The minute you cross the property line, I will gladly welcome you with my own interpretation of the State of Texas Castle Doctrine.

Don't forget to smile for the camera!



Obviously Skeeter is a nickname, so we think it's only right to find out his real name, where he lives, and what is IQ is. BD is offering $25 to the first person who can cough up verifiable information about this dumb idiot before Friday evening.

Update 3.13.09 - Over the past few days, Skeeter has been sending BD email comments that go way beyond the point of harassment. We'll post those messages later, like after his little white butt gets busted. But in the meantime, a loyal BD reader has helped us identify Skeeter. His real name is Kevin Simmons, age 35 or so. We confirmed this by looking at the photo grabbed from his Yahoo profile (since removed by Yahoo for violation of their guidelines) and the photo on his Classmates.com profile (click here). More information as we get it.

Even the Twits don't like BD

After BD posted the Skeeter search story, a friend sent us this note -

At 5:30 this afternoon, I got a Tweet from a person I don't know, but I follow on Twitter because she claims to be in East Dallas and she also swaps Tweets with my city council critter Angela Hunt. Anyway, this is what she sent:

(BD) needs to go the fuck away

She spelled BD's real name wrong but no matter.

BD does Facebook, but he will not Twitter - there are limits to how geeky even BD will get. But BD did remember you can search Twitter by keywords (in this case, the misspelled name), and damn, it worked...

Let's introduce another Lower Greenville idiot - plingyplang. Jump from the Twitter page to her page at Delicious.com - and we learn her real name is Katy Alonzo.

Jumping to Google, we find Katy on the networking website LinkedIn. Oh my, she just graduated from University of North Texas and now she's a junior strategic planner at Publicis North America. And it looks like she lives in Greenville, Texas, not East Dallas. BD saved himself twenty-five bucks by finding this hoochie-mama on his own.

We also found Katy on Facebook. In her photo albums, we found this photo, which we grabbed since it seems so appropriate for the holiday.

Ms Alonzo is in the right age bracket for Lower Greenville. I am sure her attempts at whizzing on my lawn will be a whole lot more interesting than Skeeter's.

Ms Alonzo replied to BD's post just a short while ago, and we are posting them without any comments (they speak for themselves).

You are beyond childish. If you make a public spectacle of yourself why do you take it so personally when someone criticizes you? You don't even allow comments on your blog, which by the way I've read on and off for almost 2 years. I don't think your cause is unjustified, I just think you're annoying, and I'm tired of reading about you on Unfair Park.

I'm sorry you felt that you had to basically humiliate me on your blog so that you could feel better about yourself, more sorry than I am that I have that picture posted on my Facebook. Because while I will always be secure with who I am, regardless of what who don't know me say about me. You, however, at the age of whatever you are, will never be. And I feel sorry for you.

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