I love the smell of pepper spray in the morning...

After eight months deep in the political trenches, BD is coming back up for air on Lower Greenville.

The scumbar owners were not very happy to see him out on the street last weekend.

That's okay: BD does not like being on the street at 2:15 AM., when the local gendarmes start shooting those cool pepperball guns to clear the streets of drunk patrons who just won't go home fast enough.

BD gets reports that the paintballs starts flying when patrons linger too long in front of the bars instead of heading to their cars. The valet services are having trouble keeping things moving at this late hour (they can take the money and the car early, but have trouble bringing the car back later??).

A DPD source sent us this comment late Monday regarding pepperball deployments  (not sic) -

The Department has very specific guidelines for the deployment of Pepperball, as well as reporting requirements for each incident. The general scenario is either an arrest situation where friend of the arrestee(s) attempt to liberate the prisoner or verbal/physical altercations/threats between patrons while queued up for valet.

Thankfully, the odor drifts south, away from the usual targets like Tiger Bar, Suede, Ecco, Eight Lounge and Lush. These guys must pine for the days when the Liquid @ Arcadia was the only target on the street.

The narrow sidewalks in front of some businesses are not helping matters either. It's kinda hard to move 400 people out of the building when the sidewalk is only 21 inches wide (and so are some of the patrons). After working in Deep Ellum on Monica's campaign, BD has seen the benefits of closing Main Street down with barricades on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Maybe DPD can do the same here: Close down Greenville at Richmond and Ross around 1 am to new traffic and don't open it up until 230 am. Getting rid of the head-in spaces might be a problem (especially if there is no replacement parking around), but that idea is on the table too.  The City owns those spaces, so there is no reason they can't be closed on the weekends for the sake of public safety.

BD's not getting soft on bar patrons or scumbar owners, but he also doesnot want to see somone sue the City for any major injuries caused by a paintball attack or someone running away from the smell being run over by a car.

The No Parking signs are missing on the 1900 block of Hope Street, thanks to the ongoing construction work on both sides of the street. The west side of the street is No Parking 24/7, while the east side is Resident Only Parking six nights a week.

That does not mean the no-parking regulations have been waived. BD has learned that an average of 20 parking tickets are issued each night, and a number of cars have been towed. DPD also puts out cardboard No Parking signs, but they seem to evaporate really fast.

From the You Do Not Own the Streets department, we note that Service Bar thinks it does. These barrels and rope were on the street Thursday afternoon, an action that seems to take place every day. BD made a few phone calls and the DPD made sure that the barrels were gone.

Those head-in parking spaces do not belong to the Service Bar (nor any other tenant); they belong to the City since they are accessed from the public right of way (in this case, Greenville Avenue). If BD spots the barrels again, maybe we will grab the wood for our next campout?

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville