More RPO signs growing around Lower Greenville

The newest Resident Parking Only (RPO) signs near Lowest Greenville are firmly planted in the ground on the 1700 block of Hope Street - and enforcement starts tonight.

This street is unique - it's an extension of Zone 7, which has been in force since 2000, on the 1800 and 1900 blocks of Hope Street.

The RPO hours are Tuesday and Wednesday, 10pm - 3am, and Friday through Sunday, 7pm - 3am.

This is the seventh RPO zone installed in the last year with the support and funding of the BelmontNA. But instead of paying all the RPO expenses, a portion of this zone's expense was paid for by the property owners along the east side of Hope Street.

At least two more streets in the area are under RPO review by the City and should be approved in the next few weeks. The BelmontNA has set a goal of RPO on every street within two blocks east of Greenville Avenue (south of Belmont to Ross). The RPO process starts with a petition signed by at least two-thirds of the residents on the proposed RPO street, followed by a survey. It takes nearly 3 months to get a street approved for RPO, and costs upwards of $500 per street. The BelmontNA is using money from the Arcadia Fund to pay for the RPO zones. To date, nearly $6,500 has been spent in the last year on RPO zones in the BelmontNA area.

There are 25 RPO zones in Dallas, and 15 of them are in the Lowest Greenville area. You can see a map of RPO zones and a list with hours of enforcement on this page.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets