How do you make a city walkable? By making Lower Greenville No-Parkable, maybe?

Robert Wilonsky in News You Can Actually Use, Actually / Dallas Observer Unfair Park Blog

Last week, our favorite Barking Dog pointed out the latest Resident Parking Only zone in the Lower Greenville area -- the seventh such RPO zone to take effect in the last year, Avi notes.

To that list, add an eighth: Avi sent Unfair Park an e-mail last night in which he says that the city's Public Works and Transportation Department is set to announce a new one: the 5700 block of Prospect Avenue along the north side of the street.

Click here for the full story - and lots of great blog commentary from people who don't live around Lower Greenville but think they deserve to use our residential parking spaces when they go out to get drunk!

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets