It was a nasty weekend on Lower Greenville...

The Dallas Police Department reported three armed/aggravated robberies, a knife cutting, and bunch of arrests for stupid stuff this weekend.

There was an armed robbery early Friday morning in the BelmontNA area of Lowest Greenville. According to DPD Offense Report 0177460-W, 28-year-old Jo Yea of Carrollton and another witness were robbed at gunpoint by an unknown suspect at 230am near the corner of Matilda and Prospect.

But that's not all...

The total loss - including cell phones and purse - was about $400. The DPD report references another incident report (probably for the witness), but the offense report number is not working on the system, and there are no other similar incidents reported in the area on the DPD database.

The DPD's Lower Greenville Weekend Report lists more offenses of note in the area (but we can't find the reports just yet).

There was an aggravated robbery on the 3400 block of Delmar. Suspect(s) struck the complainant over the head with a gun and took his property. Officers drove around and searched for the suspects, but could not locate anyone.

There was also another aggravated robbery at the 7-11 at 3702 Greenville. The suspects left the location in an unknown direction and could not be located by the officers. There was video surveillance of the offense which should assist in gathering more suspect information.

There was a cutting call at 3606 Greenville at Kinkis. It started as a disturbance and lead into a fight in which an individual was stabbed. The complainant was transported to Baylor Hospital in good condition. Officers could not locate any suspects. TABC closed Kinkis temporarily.

TABC conducted bar checks on Lowest Greenville Avenue. The bartender at Lost Society was taken to jail for a probation violation. A young lady inside Public House presented false identification and was charged with Tampering with a Government Record. Another individual inside Lost Society was taken to jail for warrants out of Garland PD.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Code enforcement