Checkmate! RPO gives another street back to the residents

The Lowest Greenville residential parking puzzle (or actually, the denial of neighborhood parking to bar patrons) got a few more pieces with the approval of another Resident Parking Only zone this weekend. The signs will be installed on the 5600 block of Lewis Street, a small strip on the south side of the recently constructed Tempo La Vista townhomes, by mid-July 2009.

According to the City's notification, the new zone will be included in existing RPO Zone #7, which includes Hope Street on the west side. Enforcement hours will Tuesday and Wednesday, 10pm to 6am, and Thursday - Saturday 7pm to 3am.

This new RPO zone is the eleventh within the BelmontNA boundaries on the east side of Lowest Greenville. There are 25 RPO Zones in Dallas, including five on the east side of Greenville Avenue, one in Vickery Place and one in Greenland Hills. You can see a complete list of zones and enforcement hours at (click on the map).

RPO is enforced by the Dallas Police Department and parking enforcement officers from Public Works and Transportation. This weekend, PWT issued 9 RPO citations in the Lowest Greenville area.

The BelmontNA set a goal of RPO on every residential street within two blocks east of Greenville Avenue (south of Belmont to Ross) by the end of this year. The RPO process starts with a petition signed by at least two-thirds of the residents on the proposed RPO street, followed by a survey. It takes nearly three months to get a street approved for RPO, and can cost upwards of $300 per street.

The BelmontNA used money from the Arcadia Fund to pay for the RPO zones, including petition fees, RPO signs and hangtag reimbursements, nearly $7,500 in the last 16 months on RPO zones. RPO zones are permanent and do not require annual fees except for the resident hangtags (which cost only $6.50 each).

The BelmontNA helped raise money from local businesses for RPO on the 5600 block of McCommas @ Greenville and 5500 Alta @ Summit. RPO - which is a City of Dallas program - was designed to protect residents from the garbage, trash and noise caused by non-residential uses of their streets. There is an RPO zone protecting Trammel Street residents near the Ridgewood SprayGround, and another one in northwest Dallas protecting residents from overflow parking in an adjoining apartment complex.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets