And you wonder why people b*tch about parking on Lowest Greenville?, ctd

Last year, BD wrote a series of stories about the Lower Greenville sham valet service managed by Benny Teffera and a bunch of his friends, under the name of Longhorn Valet Service. They accused anyone who opposed their screwy business of being racists since they were black. After being kicked off the Big Wong and Bottle & Brew parking lots, they settled in on Lower Greenville with the blessing of Sugar Shack's Lance Deal.

It took about three months to get rid of these guys (including filing charges of falsifying signatures on a City document), but not before they tried to steal every loose parking space in the neighborhood (including the Shell Station).

But like a bad penny, they are back in operation, this time scamming downtown Main Street bars and restaurants after getting a new valet permit from a local beauty parlor which is not open at night. The News33 team rolled out a great story about these mobile crooks on Sunday night, and used BD's video from last year.

Best money quote - In regards to accusations of theft [of personal items from valet'd vehicles], Teffera says it's a hazard of the job. Teffera said, "Some people, when they come out of club they are a little tipsy, a little drunk. They tend to say things they shouldn't be saying."

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall