Soldier arrested for impersonating police officer

Dallas Police arrested Rowlett resident and active-duty soldier Greg Granteer [Google links] early Sunday morning after he claimed to be a DPD officer working undercover special ops on Lowest Greenville Avenue.

The DPD was assisted in the arrest by three of his intended victims - Jason Burrow and Darren Howland, who were people-watching with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from the Taco Cabana parking lot, and BD, who was acosted by the fake officer while standing on 5600 Sears Street. All three provided positive identification of Granteer, who is now in Lew Sterrett on three counts of impersonating a public servant and public intoxication (booking report here).

According to the police report and DPD sources, Granteer approached BD and asked him to step out of the street while videotaping gangbangers doing their gangbanger thing in front of Torch and Encore just after closing. Granteer claimed to be working special ops for the police department and wanted to make sure BD did not have his image on video. He claimed he knew the DPD sergeant for Lowest Greenville, then demanded to see BD's identification. Since BD's drivers license was in the Dog Mobile II, they walked back to Taco Cabana. During the walk down the alley, Granteer showed BD what he claimed was his DPD identification papers (hint: DPD officers working special ops or undercover do not carry identification).

After 'verifying' BD's identity with 'headquarters' and taking a picture of BD's parking permit for Taco Cabana (he was completely surprised BD was not towed), Granteer approached two bikers in the parking lot and made comments to them, again about being a DPD officer working undercover. They notified the DPD officers at the DPD Command Post, who promptly and without incident took Granteer into custody.

BD attempted to carefully get the attention of DPD supervisors while Granteer was near his vehicle, but did not want to risk anyone getting hurt should Granteer have been carrying a weapon, and let him leave the area without a confrontation. BD was already giving his information about Granteer to another officer when Granteer was taken into custody. BD provided a third identification of Granteer and gave a statement to DPD.

According to a November 2006 (page 2) edition of the Garland Exchange Club's Nooner News (you gotta love that name), Granteer served in Iraq before returning stateside for six months.

For nearly two years, BD has been out on Lowest Greenville, documenting the idiocy without making any personal comments during the tape roll or interviews. This morning, BD broke a few of his own rules and conducted his first man-in-handcuffs interview of Granteer while sitting near the DPD Paddy Wagon. It's a short clip, it's NSFW, and it's ... well you decide....

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville