Wortham PD fires officer for unauthorized off-duty work on Lowest Greenville

Wortham Texas Police Chief Scott S. Peters notified BD by email on Sunday evening that the unnamed officer working for Club 180 on Saturday evening is a former Reserve Officer from his department. Chief Peters previously served as a police officer in Carrollton TX and a Sergeant in Coppell TX until being hired as Chief in Wortham in early 2009. He told BD he was way too familiar with the issues and problems on Lowest Greenville and did not want his officers working this area in any way whatsoever.

The operative word here is former.

In an email to BD, he wrote...

Let me thank you for bringing this to my attention.

The Officer was never given permission to work anywhere other than within the City of Wortham.

The officer in question has been terminated as of approximately 4pm today [Sunday] for working off-duty without permission, and also in violation of the Occupational Code [of the State of Texas], which does not allow Reserve Officers to work any type of off-duty job for pay.

In a phone interview, the Chief told BD this officer was on probation since being hired by his department a few months ago. The officer had been counseled about working off-duty (especially in relation to a private security company he was also working for) and was well aware of the limits his status as a Reserve Officer put on him. It is possible that his relationship with this private security company was how he secured employment on Lowest Greenville this weekend.

Until you sent me the email and photograph on Sunday afternoon, we had no idea that this officer was working off-duty anywhere. He called our office today to find out about the availability of work this week (during Spring Break) and was not able to explain why he worked in Dallas on Saturday evening. He was immediately notified of his termination.

Updates @ Monday morning - The unidentified female officer is an employee of the same private security company this officer was working for. The officer's name is Michael; BD has confirmed he was employed several years ago in at least one, maybe two bars. And our sources also state Michael (who lives in Dallas) was soliciting his services as a police officer to a number of bars and restaurants as late as Thursday afternoon.

The officer will be issued an F7 / Dishonorable Discharge on Monday under TCLEOSE Rules and Regulations, which will be made a part of his permanent TCLEOSE files, due to the severity of the violation of policy and procedures. After our conversation, BD was able to confirm with another witness the officer was carrying a weapon on his equipment belt, which only adds to the severity of the termination.



(3) "Dishonorably discharged" means a license holder who:

(A) was terminated by a law enforcement agency or retired or resigned in lieu of termination by the agency in relation to allegations of criminal misconduct; or

(B) was terminated by a law enforcement agency or retired or resigned in lieu of termination by the agency for insubordination or untruthfulness.

BD is well aware of the major hissy fit the owners and operators of Club 180 and Sugary ShackEmUp will throw, now that this officer has been terminated, and is taking appropriate measures to protect his ass against these pieces of human garbage and their spawn.

Like if this guy shows up again. If you know who this person is, send BD an email and we will tell you the story. We can confirm your information if you tell BD how tall he is.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues