Owner of Longhorn Towing arrested for DWI, driving with suspended license after Saturday morning accident

The Dallas Observer has weighed in with more information about this incident and Longhorn Towing's liabilities - click here

The owner of Longhorn Towing was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated on early Saturday morning after crashing into another vehicle parked on the street. According to the police report, Anna Maria Polanco blew a .131 and a .128 on the breathalyzer at 842 am, nearly an hour after being arrested for DWI and driving with a suspended license on the 10400 block of Marsh Lane at 730am.

Correction: After spending two days trying to confirm what my sources first reported, and what another source familiar with the towing licensing initially told Unfair Park, Lone Star and Longhorn are not affiliated. The story lede has been amended to reflect that new information.

BD was sent a copy of the police report by someone who did not wish to be identified, along with a photo of the Ms Polanco's damaged vehicle, both of which are included on this PDF (with apologies for the poor quality of the images). The original police report is not on the DPD server yet.

According to the narrative in the DPD report...

On April 3, 2010 at about 730am, (two DPD officers) responded to a call from the DPD Dispatcher regarding the accident involving Polanco, who was observed by the complainant operating a motor vehicle driving southbound on 10400 Marsh Lane.

The officers determined that the vehicle driven by Ms Polanco collided with a parked car owned by (name withheld by BD). The officers observed the suspect was intoxicated from the introduction of alcohol into the body, having blood shot eyes, blurred speech, breath smelling of an alcoholic beverage, and unsteady balance.

A check of Ms Polanco's drivers license showed it had been suspended by Texas DPS on August 5, 2009, for failure to renew, for an indefinite period of time.

The witnesses' vehicle was disabled and unoccupied in the far right lane of traffic when Ms Polanco rear-ended it. The witness was standing 15 feet from the vehicle when it was it and saw Ms Polanco exit from her Ford Focus.

Ms Polanco told the first officer on the scene she was leaving a party and had started drinking at about 4am, and consumed her last beer at 6am, and believed she had four beers. The officer performed a BFST test on Ms Polanco at the scene (to deterimine if she was intoxicated).

Upon failing the test, Ms Polanco was arrested and taken to Lew Sterret. Her first breathalyzer test at 842am came back as .131 [the legal limit is .08] and the subsequent test came back as .128.

According to current Dallas County Jail records, Ms. Polanco is no longer in custody.

A quick check with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, which licenses towing services, confirms that this arrest will have some impact on Longhorn's towing license. BD is waiting to hear from City of Dallas officials to determine if their permits are also impacted at the local level.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues