We paid for those signs, now put them back!

The 1900 block of Hope Street was one of the first area streets to go Resident Only (for six nights a week, no less). Combined with the No Parking on the other side of the street, it was a stick in the eye to a number of scumbars.

It would still be that way if the construction crews weren't such a bunch of slobs.

Over the past few months, the Resident Only Parking (ROP) signs on the east side of the street have been destroyed by constructon workers doing whatever they want with their equipment. Sources at City Hall tell BD that city inspectors told them to put the signs back in place but those orders have no teeth. A DPD source tells BD the developer did not seem to mind how many tickets his crews received for working after sunset, just as long as the work was finished on time and under budget.

BD has been told that the developers of these new townhomes want ROP on that street (and the number of new driveways will reduce the available parking spaces) but for now no new signs have been installed.

Calls to the developer last weekend have not been returned

On the east side of the street, where construction is not so frantic, all the No Parking 24/7 signs completely disappeared right after officers nailed them to the street poles eight feet off ground level. This photo shows cars parked on the street midnight Friday.

The white line against the right side of the street is a flattened ROP sign.

For a while, the DPD was still enforcing the restrictions by placing temporary signs on wooden posts in the ground, and have even ticketed and towed cars.

DPD sources tell BD another city department, possibly Public Works & Transportation, removed the temporary signs from their lofty positions just before this weekend's partying started. Enforcement has come to a complete halt while more temporary signs are being found.

BD thinks that someone needs to check inside the dumpster behind Whisky Bar for the missing signs.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets