Early morning shooting leaves one dead on Char-Bar parking lot

A Lowest Greenville bar patron was shot to death on the Char Bar parking lot at 215am Thursday morning. The victim died at the hospital shortly afterwards and the police have the name of a person of interest in the case.

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According to DPD sources, the DPD 911 call sheet and people who called BD at 330am, here is what happened - Two black males had just left Lost Society Bar when they got into an argument over one allegedly touching the other's girlfriend. The victim was on the losing end of the argument, which took place in a restaurant across the street. Restaurant staff reportedly pushed the fight outside the business; police were already on their way after getting two calls for assistance from people on the street at 238am and 244am.

The victim was on his way back to his vehicle, parked behind Char Bar, when the shooter came up and fired at least four rounds at close range. The victim, identified only as someone in his early 20's, was taken to Baylor Hospital where he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

These photos were shot by BD at approximately 345am.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville