Lost Society manager put on ICE after arrest, to be deported

The general manager of Lost Society, a troublesome bar on Lowest Greenville, was taken into custody by the Dallas District Attorney's investigators and agents of ICE - Immigrations and Custom Enforcement - late this Wednesday afternoon.

Agents told BD that three warrants were served on Brightman Nwatu at the club, where he was arrested, and taken to Lew Sterrett for detention (see charges listed below). He will be processed and deported to Nigeria after the paperwork is complete. The arrest was the result of an investigation into business activities led by the Dallas County District Attorney's office and the TABC.

Another person with management responsibility is also being sought by investigators, and has agreed to surrender before the weekend. Sources tell BD this person is also on the list for a one-way ticket somewhere out of the country.

According to the Dallas County Jail booking sheet, Nwatu has been charged with two counts of Assault with Bodily Injury, and one count of Citizenship of Permittee / Subterfuge (filed by TABC, read the link for the legal explanation). There's also a hold for Immigration flag on his file, pending his deportation to Nigeria.

Late Thursday afternoon, Nwatu's bond was increased to $25,000 and five more charges were filed against him.

Sources tell BD this investigation has been ongoing for months, with DA investigators visiting numerous locations on Lowest Greenville to collect evidence and information.

This is not the end of the problem, one investigator told BD, there's alot of crappy people down here. We're going to get all of them and make this a nice place to live, raise families and have a business (not sic).

Late Saturday evening, Lost Society and several other locations were inspected by the Dallas Fire Marshall (many bars on Henderson Avenue were inspected on Friday evening).

According to Dallas Fire/Rescue citations released to BD on Monday, Lost Society was the only business cited for issues other than overcrowding: Locking and blocking upstairs exits, ordered to discontinue forcible blocking of the front door, remove combustible waste from upstairs area, provide covers of junction boxes in the upstairs bar, discontinue the use of extension cords in the building, discontinue the use/storage of LPG tanks in the buildings, and provide proof of flameproofing of all combustible materials in the building (link to citations).

This is a developing story...

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville