Lost Society owner in custody for false statements

Following Wednesday's arrest of Lost Society general manager Brightman Nwatu, BD reported that another party was set to surrender this morning. The TABC has now confirmed - and the booking is online sans photograph - Fernando Rosales, the president of Initiative Partners and the owner of Lost Society, surrendered to authorities at 11 am this morning and has been booked on a charge of making a false statement on a TABC permit.

According to Rosales' Facebook page (and sources on the street), he just completed his MBA at UT Arlington. Sources tell BD that he had turned over the keys to Lost Society after graduating, but could not escape prying questions and some legal issues generated at the club.

Late Friday afternoon, BD learned Lost Society would still open over the weekend, and that Rosales will probably be bonding out and running the business. That, BD's sources say, is completely legal. The TABC is going through the long and tedious administrative process to close the doors of Lost Society for good.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville